Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Spoiler: These Girls by Sarah Pekkanen

Happy Wednesday blog readers. I’m hear to discuss a book with you and this book is one that will be staying on my bookshelf forever, simply because I have fallen in love with it. The characters and the vibe of this book was just an overall great read. Maybe that’s because I was able to pick it up at work on breaks exactly where I’d left off.  I also loved that the author dove right into important topic and wasn’t afraid to do it, there was no hopping around the subject, it was told as it is. Especially the weight loss story, that is one of the most important especially this time of year. Before I go overboard, let’s try and organize this by…..

♥Cate: I think Cate is a powerhouse character in this book. She cares about her job enough to stand her ground. Something that I definitely envy. I can’t imagine being so strong. I loved that she ate because while being healthy is important, sometimes we all need a little special treat now and again. I was shocked to find out about her and Timothy. Something about forbidden love just seems to do it for some girls. I say this because of the Trey incident afterwards at least the second one. I’m happy simply because it would be awkward while they were together but even more awkward if they broke up.  
♥Renee: Renee’s story is one of the most important in this story, I mean they’re all important but this one really hit home for me. Dieting is a huge issue in today’s society. People feel the need to look a certain way to conform with everyone else. My opinion of this is that really it’s sad. I wish we lived in a place where things like that didn’t matter. I think seeing the downfall from easy diet pills is an important thing. I love her!
♥Abby: She has obviously been through so much in her life. Her parents not seeming to love her  for no apparent reason. She was great with Annabelle, and I feel that she is a lot like me. I want to work with kids and she is an incredible character.  And then we find out why she is having panic attacks going to the car. I cried. Not because of the event but because of how she was treated because of it. She is still one of my favorites without a doubt. The only thing that got me was Bob.
♥Trey: He seems like he is a nice guy, and like him and Cate would work out but she made the right choice. I’m sure he will understand.
♥Annabelle: She is such a sweet little sweetheart and while she might not remember Abby later on, she helped form her.
♥Bob:  He was wrong to lead Abby on like that. He was married!            
♥Johanna: She wasn’t a very good mother. It’s not only providing that’s important. Love helps shape a child.

♥Moments to Remember♥
♥Pg. 73
“Renee turned off her phone and put it down on her desk.
 ‘That sounded awkward.’ Her friend David the photographer was leaning against her cubicle’s chest-high partition. ‘Were you fending off a stalker?’
 Renee rolled her eyes. ‘George Clooney again. He never takes a hint.’”

♥Pg. 172
“’It smells great in here,’ Trey said.
 ‘I told you I cook a mean takeout,’ Cate said. ‘You should see how fast I can dial.’
‘No apron?’ He grinned. ‘You’re amazing.’”

♥Final Line: “They needed to mark this beginning.”

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Sidny xoxo

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