Sunday, February 23, 2014

Spoiler: I heart you, You haunt me by Lisa Schroeder

I really have started to enjoy novels that use a poetry based form for writing. They are a quick, hard hitting read and perfect for this weekend. I think that this book tackles the idea of grieving more than supernatural afterlives, which I didn’t expect, but it was important that they talked about it as mentioned above. I did like that they used a ghost but it wasn’t just about ghosts. Sometimes that just too much for me to handle especially since the last book I read had a ghost concept in it as well. I guess the next most important thing to talk about is…

♥Ava: From the start as a reader we feel sorry for Ava. She had her first love and she didn’t just break up with him, he died. And at the tender age of 15 dealing with love in itself is hard never mind the death of someone you love. I think that she didn’t know how to deal with something so serious and so she found comfort in Jackson’s ghost. I was happy to see her come out of her shell at the end and let go. After all it wasn’t her fault.
♥Jackson: So we never really meet him except in ghost form and though it seems that he is really is there, who can be certain. I think he must have really loved Ava and maybe they could have made it work if it hadn’t been for the accident. I also don’t think that he ever blamed her for daring him. I think he blamed himself for going along with it even thought it was so dangerous. If anything that’s certainly why he stuck around so long.
♥Cali: She seems like a sweet friend and she tries her best to help Ava through this tough time, but like most teenagers she just doesn’t quite know how.
♥Lyric: Awesome name, first off! And secondly I think that he really did like Ava, but first off she wasn’t ready to try again with someone so soon and secondly she made the choice that her friendship with Cali was more important. Thank goodness. Hopefully he finds someone.

Moment to Remember♥
♥Pg. 178
“’Was it hard?’ I ask. ‘Letting go?’
‘Not as hard as holding on to something that wasn’t real.’
I gulp ‘Can I ask how you did it?’
‘I just decided, Ava. That’s all. I just decided.’”

♥Last Line: “I am hopeful.”

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