Thursday, February 20, 2014

Spoiler: Liv, Forever by Amy Talkington

So this book wasn’t at all what I expected. And I mean that in the best way possible. I love the idea that a boarding school has a secret society and that they’re pretty seriously evil. That just made me extremely happy. I loved the whole setting really. The way that the ghosts were at the places they had died made the book far more interesting because we got to see so much more of the campus. What kind of campus has a nature preserve by the way, oh yah, an AWESOME ONE!

♥Olivia: I think she’s a really sweet girl who has a very tough time in life. I was upset that we didn’t find out who her birth mother was. I definitely thought that that was the direction this book was gonna take. But instead she died. Which was just sad. But it was a pretty amazing story. The way that they solved the mystery. So great! I did like that everything she talked about included comparing it to a painting. I think we all have that one little thing that we compare our lives with. Whether it be movies, books or in this case painting.
Gabe: Love him simply because he’s an outcast. And he sees ghosts. That’s pretty cool. I do wonder what happened to his brother though.
♥Malcolm: He seems like a good guy and I thought that he was too nice. You know what I mean, like obviously he was the murderer. And then this awesome thing happened where he wasn’t. Although he was about to get inducted as the murder’s president which is pretty creepy in itself. I did like him closer to the end as he stood up to his father. I hope he moves on though. It’s great that he fell in love, but they were so young.
♥Kent: How did he even think that murdering is ok. Or that he shouldn’t tell anyone that it was going on over and over and over.  Madness! I don’t think he should have had to die, but still.
♥The Ghosts: They have different stories but all so similarly depressing. They were all innocent and had no reason to die.

Unfortunately I can’t include Memorable Moments for the simple reason that this book has not yet been released and I was reading the unedited version. But a huge thanks to for the give away!

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