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Spoiler: Family Storms by VC Andrews

As mentioned above this is not the first time I’ve read this book and the main reason that I reread it is so that I can finally get to the second one. I have wanted to read it for a while but kept on forgetting what happened in the first book. So tadah! One down and one to go. As in most V.C Andrews book there is thrills and unexpected twists around every corner and this one didn’t disappoint.
The events in this book grab the readers attention and force us to listen to Sasha’s point of view. But I think the best way to talk about that is under this lovely characters tab.

♥Sasha: To be homeless so young is a scary thought, but it is a reality for many. I think that she has a tragic role in this book and I hope that the next book will give us some insight on her foster family. Because they seem kinda nutty. She seems like a good kid, who just really wants to fit and be normal and for such a long time she’s been anything but. She’s been a homeless little girl, following her crazed mother. When her mother ended up dead it was sad enough, but for the mother of the girl driving the car (Mrs. March) to then offer her a home is just beyond bizarre. In real life that’s not really even a passing thought. I hope that things turn out for the best for her and that she doesn’t end up pregnant, but God only knows.
♥Mrs. March: It’s really to bad that her youngest died so young, but to constantly dreg her up and ignore the daughter that you still have doesn’t seem to make sense to me. Jordan (Mrs. March) still has Kiera. She probably wouldn’t be so spoiled if she didn’t have to constantly fight for attention.
♥Kiera: She’s a spoiled kid, but more than that she is someone who just wants so attention and to be noticed for a change. First she was competing with her sister, then her dead sister and now a stranger off the street. That can’t be a confidence booster of any form. But to do what she did to Sasha? That’s evil and wrong on whole new levels that I can’t even imagine. She’s a scheming one. Have to see how her character unfolds in the next book.
♥Mr. March: He seems like a nice enough guy. Making a nice living for his family (nice being a huge understatement) but maybe after all that has happened with Kiera he’ll realize that she needs some help and more than that love from both her parents. Not just love but rules. That could be a good solution.
♥Ricky: I’m not sure if we’ll see more of him in the next book or if he’ll just fade into the background, but what he did wasn’t right. I understand peer pressure, but to rape someone? What the heck!?!

♥Moments to Remember♥
♥Pg. 199
“’Did you eat with chopsticks? I hate it. It takes too long to eat. My fingers are too fat and clumsy, anyways.’
 ‘We didn’t eat with chopsticks at home,’ I said. ‘But always in an Asian restaurant. You shouldn’t eat fast, anyway. It’s not good for you.
‘Oh, are you one of those health nuts?’
‘No,’ I said. ‘I’m just nuts.’”

♥Pg. 377
“’I’m not going to say I’m sorry, if that’s what you’re waiting to hear.’
‘That’s all right. I can wait. Someday you will.’
‘How did you get so arrogant?’
‘I had a good teacher,’ I said.”

♥Last Line: “And before I was finished, I was certain in my heart that wherever she was, she was smiling.”

Thanks for reading,

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