Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Spoiler: The Goddess Hunt by Aimee Carter

This book was more than I anticipated. I didn’t think there was very much that Aimee Carter could convey in 69 short pages. But she did more than enough. I think this book serves its purpose very well. We learn that the gods aren’t the best at making decisions. Just like us, sometimes they screw up. I think the setting was important and was hoping to see more of it, but most important were the characters so let’s get to it.

♥Kate: She’s still a love struck newly wed. And I think that at the beginning of this novel she thinks that the gods can do no wrong. That they are the good guys, but as the book progresses and she meets Pollux and Castor she realizes that sometimes they mess up. And there choices aren’t ones that she will always agree with. She is so sympathetic to the twins that it broke my heart to watch her struggle knowing that the reason they are still on the run is partially her husbands fault.
♥James: I’m not really rooting for him. I still like Henry better. He doesn’t really have a chance I wouldn’t think. I mean he’s sweet and everything but still I mean Henry is so… I don’t even know how to put him into words (I may have developed a crush on a fictional character).
♥Pollux: I can’t imagine having to go through life with a twin who you love more than yourself and finding out that you get to live forever but when he dies you can never see him again. He’ll just be gone. Poof. I don’t question that he broke him out of the Underworld. I feel bad that they are being chased but I think that the deal went sour mainly because of Walter, not Henry.
♥Castor: Caring and compassionate, he seems able to control his brothers emotions with a look. If I were the gods I would think that was a good thing and keep him around. Let them split the immortality. Why not. I was so ecstatic when he wasn’t taken to the Underworld.
♥Henry: The fact that he didn’t let his pride get in the way of his relationship with Kate was something that really caught my attention. It would have been so simple for him just to continue his deal with Walter and not care what Kate would think but he did. And that’s why I’m still rooting for this guy. Compassion.

♥Moments to Remember♥
♥Pg. 27
“Now is not the time to get into a pissing contest. Her very existence could be at risk if you do not tell me where she is-“

♥Final Line: “And if Walter wanted to smite me for it, then bring it on.”

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