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Spoiler: Fifty Shades Darker by EL James (Adult content!)

This book has changed leaps and bounds from the first book. Some parts I’m happy about other parts didn’t stay changed for long unfortunately. I feel like the second book in this series is so much more in depth into Christian’s life. It’s exciting to learn more about his life, but at the same time it’s scary. He is quite the interesting character. Not to mention that he whole idea in this book has changed. It’s not just classified as “fucking” anymore it’s “making love” which is great and all just not expected from the last book. But let’s get right into the

♥Christian: I think that Christian has gone through the biggest change in this book. He’s not hard and only dominant anymore. He really begins to care for Ana and by the end of the book has proposed and plans to marry her. I guess it just takes the right person sometimes to give you hope for hearts and flowers. I’m happy for him but what if his mind changes. I think that Ana does have a reason to worry.
♥Ana: Good for Ana for sticking up for herself in the beginning. But as the book goes on she transforms back to the girl she was when she was first with Christian she doesn’t stick up for herself nearly as much and that just made me upset. She can be a strong independent woman so why does she seem to have to have Christian by her side 24/7? Maybe I’m just to young to understand all this.
♥Jack: What a freaking creep! Just wanting to have sex with all his assistants. It sure makes you wonder how he kept that job so long. Thank goodness that Ana knew a bit of self defense and had someone to help her other wise she would have been trapped in a job with this creep. But I also never doubted he would try and have his revenge.
♥Dr. Flynn: I would like to know more of the secrets that Dr. Flynn knows about Christian. It is quite intriguing. As well he seems like a pleasant man who has help Christian through a lot in his life.
♥ Elena: She’s an evil little piece of work. I thought at first that maybe Ana was just being overly jealous but then by the end I realized that she thinks she’s far better for Christian and that Ana can’t possibly be what he needs. Selfish *adult word*
♥Leila: She really needs help. It must be hard to be so used up sexually and then see the person that didn’t want more with you want so much more with someone else who looks like you. I can’t even imagine and hope I never have to go through that.
♥Jose: He’s a good friend and although he obviously wants more with Ana I don’t think he will try anything with her again after that first time.
♥Mia: So energetic and fun. I can see myself being friends with her. She is probably going to have a large part in the next book what with the wedding and everything.
♥Ethan: I really hope that him and Mia get together they seem like they’re meant for each other.
♥Elliot: He’s sweet from what I can tell.
♥Kate: A true best friend. If my friend had a contract written about sexual interactions I think I would question the shit out of her as well. There would be a lot of rage.
♥Grace: To find out a dear friend was fucking your son, and on his birthday? I would have lost it.

♥Moments to Remember♥
♥Pg. 55
“’Why did that feel like a pissing contest?’ I ask Christian as he opens the car door for me.”

♥Pg. 102
“’You know, he was controlling. Some men are like that.’ He gave me a quick sideways smile.
‘Really? A controlling man, surely a mythical creature?’ I don’t think I can squeeze any more sarcasm into my response.”

♥Pg. 204
“’What color, Anastasia?’ Christian inclines his head.
‘Er… black?’ I shrug. ‘You really don’t need to do this.’
He frowns. ‘Black’s not easily seen at night.’
Oh, for heaven’s sake. I resist the temptation to roll my eyes. ‘You have a black car.’
He scowls at me.
‘Canary yellow, then.’ I shrug.
Christian makes a face- canary yellow is obviously not his thing.”

♥Pg. 300
“Are you on your own?’
‘No. There are six people staring at me right now wondering who the hell I’m talking to.’
Shit… ‘Really?’ I gasp, panicked.
‘Yes. Really. My girlfriend,’ he announces away from the phone.
Holy cow! ‘They probably all thought you were gay, you know.’
He laughs. ‘Yeah, probably.’ I hear his grin.”

♥Pg. 350
Sweetest email I’ve read to date!

♥Final Line: “His chance will come soon.”

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