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Spoiler: Goddess Interrupted by Aimee Carter

So let’s get right into it. This book really changed the series for me. And not in a good way. I just felt like the characters had changed in a way that can’t be unseen. In some ways it drove me insane. We had come so far in the past book learning who Kate was and how Henry acted and then it just all changed. All because of one stupid summer away.
Another thing I wished I could have heard more about was the underworld itself. There were so many questions I had. How many souls just milled about and how did the River Styx work. Answer me oh mighty author!
I’d have to say the best part of this book was the story line. The way that the characters had something to fight for most of the book was nice.

♥Kate: Somewhere along the line Kate became a really needy little girl. It drove me nuts that she instantly expected to go all the way with Henry and have him wrapped around her little finger. In a sense, I understand. You don’t want to love someone completely and have it go to waste or be denied. All the same she was kind of stupid. She butted her head into things that were simply dumb. Going after Persephone and Ava to see Cronus was stupid. And I had to put down the book and walk away at that point. I am extremely happy though that she stuck to her guns and is assisting in the war and she is standing strong no matter what Henry says. Good for her. Ps. PREGNANCY???? Say what Aimee Carter!

♥Henry: Henry has also changed in this book. He is back to his heart broken old ways. Feeling like he deserves no one and that’s just ridiculous. You’re a damn god! I was really upset when he acted so indifferent toward Kate, but after finding out how James had burned him in the past I wasn’t shocked. What I was surprised about was when he went ahead and kissed Persephone! Seriously after she tells you that her and James did nothing, you go make out with your ex wife? Excellent, no please continue. And this whole excuse of showing him that it wasn’t really a romance they ever had? That was just dumb. At least he ended up with Kate in the end. Which is nice.

Ava: She is still a very interesting character. I never pictured her to be married, but then again I didn’t really think that she’d slept with James either. Shocker! I was impressed that she didn’t just give away people’s secrets. As well I wonder if she did offer Kate up so she could get Nicholas back. She was so distraught about him being held captive it wouldn’t really surprise me. Who knows….

♥James: I started to like James in this book and I felt for him. To love someone who can never truly be yours is rough, but then we learned about Persephone and Ava. It makes a girl wonder if he’s just playing around. Although during the book he shows that he care for Kate more than some of the others when he backs her up and let’s her make her own decisions. In the end I think could have found a better way to break it to James that he wasn’t the one, but who knows what the future holds.

Persephone: I certainly pictured her differently I thought that she would be nicer. That she was a decent person and that’s why Henry was drawn to her, but apparently she wasn’t at all what I thought. She seems pretty self centred and although she has a mortal waiting for her at home she goes to fight without telling him that she might not return. I was quite angry when she kissed Henry, but in the end it was the little shove he needed in the right direction.

♥Calliope: She is such an evil woman. My word, to think that she has such a huge master plan and that she has such control over what happens with Cronus just makes my blood boil. I do wonder what she thinks will happen to the world when Cronus is out. Does she think he’ll just spare her? I doubt that highly, and what in the world is she going to do with poor Kate and her baby??? Urgh.

♥Cronus: I want to know more about him. Who was his mate and why did they choose separate roles against humanity? And mostly did he really love Kate or was it just something Calliope added to make things interested. Makes you wonder doesn’t it?

♥Moments to Remember♥
♥Pg. 102
”’Whatever I had then was nothing compared to what I have now with all of you. Everyone loves me here,’ said Ava, and James smiled faintly.
‘Yeah, we’re all a little in love with you,’ he said. ‘But that’s only because you’re dynamite in bed. Otherwise you’re a pain in the ass.’”

♥Final Line: “With that, she cracked the stone against the back of my head, and my world went black.”

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