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Spoiler: Allegiant by Veronica Roth

So let’s start of with the fact that if you are an emotionally challenged person, reading this series probably isn’t good for your mental health. Some of us find this out the hard way. That being said I loved this trilogy. It reminded me of so many things that make us human and for the most part kept me excited, wondering what was coming next. The change of setting was slightly unnerving, but in a good way. The way that Veronica Roth took time in both the city and the Bureau was interesting and by the end I understood why. I wasn’t overly impressed with the idea of the city being an experiment but now that I think about it, it makes sense considering the series as a whole. The part that really got me about this book was the ending. I’m sure that’s how most people who have read it feel (comment below).

Tobias: Now normally I would start with Tris, but I think the fact that the chapters in this book switch between Tris and Tobias is important so I’m going to start with him this time. In this book I think that Tobias truly broke down for the readers and made it so we could see how his life as a child and in the city in general. The way he reacted when told he was wrong and how his mind seems to work. I was interested in that and happy to see behind his walls. Although there were some things I didn’t want to hear. I was very upset with Tobias for acting with Nita. You shouldn’t be doing something you aren’t comfortable with your significant other knowing. When Tris dies I felt for Tobias. I didn’t believe it and cried same as he did. If anyone deserves true love in this series it is Tobias, but I’m uncertain if he will ever find that given how this great romance ended.

♥Tris: Here is where things get all emotional. I didn’t think that I actually felt for Tris that much until she died. And when she went into the chamber for Caleb, I strongly believed that she would make it through. I couldn’t see the author killing of her main character, but that’s exactly what happened. Tris was someone to me that I would try to model myself after, she was selfless and brave. She had a good judge of character and wasn’t afraid to stand for what she believed in by the end of things. She also knew how to love ferociously. This series to me was about what it is to be human and feel.

♥Uriah: Because one death is never enough apparently, this guy didn’t make it either. He would have enjoyed the new world that Tobias is now living in. With his jokes and quick smiles, he easily wormed his way into my heart.

♥Evelyn: I was surprised when she gave into the truce that Tobias offered, but then again she is his mother. It’s horrible that Marcus couldn’t change, but I don’t believe that people like that never really do. I hope that she finds something she enjoys in the city. I could see her being an advocate. I was expecting her to say something about Tris, like an open ended apology, especially after how she treated her.

♥Christina: A strong character throughout the ability to forgive and not hold grudges for a long period of time makes her loveable. I do feel bad that she has seen so many people die around her. I hope that she finds true happiness in the city.

♥Caleb: This is a difficult part to write as I hated him after the second book. The way her agreed with the obvious evil was interesting but horrible. I wish that he had had a chance to talk through what exactly happened, but when the alarm went off they lost their chance. I hope that he lives the best life possible as his life was returned to him by Tris. Something I’m still unsure if he deserved.

I’m going to leave the characters there for the moment. I think that it makes sense to include those. If you would like to discuss more about the characters, comments are open.

♥Moments to Remember♥
♥Pg. 25
 “‘Yes, well, I realized that we’ve never been on an actual date.’
  ‘Choas and destruction do tend to take away a person’s dating possibilities.’
   ‘I would like to experience this ‘date’ phenomenon.’”

♥Pg. 380
“‘It’s very strange that a persons genes would make them so resistant to mind manipulation of any kind.’
 ‘Maybe it’s not her genes,’ I say, shrugging. I switch feet. ‘Maybe it’s some kind of superhuman stubbornness.’”

Final Line: “We mend each other.”

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