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Spoiler: Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard

I finally finished it!!!! I know what everyone in the Young Adult reading community has been talking about. And yes, it's everything they say it is. INCREDIBLE! 
I've been reading this book all weekend, whenever I have a minute. And woah, what a fantastic way to spend a weekend. It was awesome.
The change of setting throughout this book was incredible. It really showed different areas of the country and the changes that have been happening since the denouncement of Cal and how people are reacting to their new ruler. It also shows the change in the group known as newbloods. The ones everyone wants to dig their claws into. The additional characters in this book were incredible and really added to the story. Unfortunately I won't be able to get to them all in the character section, but let it be known that their is a constant changing "cast" in this book. Their is also alot of action style sequences so if that's what you enjoy reading you'll really love this. 

Mare: Mare has changed throughout her time in the palace and several different prisons. She's learning that people fear what they don't understand and know. What they don't find normal in their day to day lives, and some may try to eradicate these things. After she is saved she is immediately in battle with those around her and on the run. After surviving one thing, it just seems that nothing can go her way. For example, the Colonel locking her up after she tries to assist him with his plans for war. I think that Mare is suffering trying to push her different roles in her life to different characters instead of letting her different personalities make up who she is. Which makes sense when she is constantly fearing for her life and those around her. I was very excited by the end of the book to see the Choke and then to be captured... I did not anticipate it, but that ending though, as much as I hated it. Perfect.

Cal: Cal is also lost without his role as a leader of a group. He doesn't fit in the new world in the new rebellion and he doesn't fit among his own kind. Especially as a king killer. I think that the death of his father really affects him as we see his nightmares during his sleep and the way he acts with those around him. The way he reacts in the prison surprises me the most and how he reacts when Mare kills his Silver counter parts. I can't blame her, but I also understand his feeling, these are people he's grown up with. He's known them all his life to harm them would be betraying his own, no matter what they have done. I do hope that he is safe though.

Shade: It's cool, I'll just bawl. I don't need to be happy that's fine! I was angry, but it was a perfect move for an author. A change for sure. I never thought he would be killed after he kinda came back from what we assumed was death in the start, and to be killed in an instant of trying to save his sister was crazy and horribly sad. The description was perfect and fit the shock I felt as it happened. I wish that he would have been around to see the revolution that his actions had caused.

Farley: She is a good person. As much as she is trying to push against bounds of others who are her superior, she becomes an equal with Mare. Some trust her and other's Mare. Together they work to find as many as they can. I am curious to read about her background in Cruel Crown. I think I know what she was asking when she first had questions about Jon. I also wonder how her life will turn out after the capture. I hope the best for her. Shade and her would have made a fantastic couple, just too good I suppose.

Kilorn: We all knew this confession was coming. I just hoped that Mare would be able to return it, but when she couldn't I felt for him. I hope that he is able to find someone who can love him as he needs. I also hope that he doesn't let the jealousy of not having abilities eat him up, and seeing that he is valuable as he is. 

Cameron: This fiesty little thing threw me for a loop, but she was also just what the group needed. She was angry and challenging I hope that she puts those characteristics and feelings to good rather than to sit back while Mare is butchered.

Maven: Still a crazy mother f**ker but at least that mother of his is dead. I'm curious if he'll actually kill Mare or just keep her as a pet. I'm also curious what's going on in his head while all this is happening. Madness.

Moments to Remember:
Pg. 315
"'I'm useless,' Farley chirps from her seat. A blade flicks back and forth in her hands, betraying exactly how wrong she is."

Pg. 378
"I'll just wait up here,' Cameron says, watching us from the openin doorway at the top level. Her legs dangle. She even has the gall to whistle, eyeing the last magnetron as he moans."

Final Line: "I kneel."

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