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Spoiler: Reached by Ally Condie

This book is the final instalment in this series, which as mentioned is sad but necessary. I see why Ally Condie decided on this place to end. The following three different series through the rise of the revolution and the changing of a world was so interesting, especially from all the separate points of view. I certainly enjoyed seeing the development of feelings between new and existing characters.

Cassia: Cassia has changed throughout the Rising. Figuring out who to stick up for, who to trust and who to believe. She's followed her feelings and her heart to get where she is. I think it was interesting to watch her figure out what she is immune to and different roles she could take in the future. One role I found especially interesting was a trader and a poet. Especially the idea of a Gallery. It seems so strange to have thought of during the change of a government, but it worked for her. It helped her cope. 

Ky: I was so happy about how he fought with the rebellion, and stayed with Indie even though he wanted to find Cassia. I do wonder about how their relationship may have worked if Cassia hadn't been around or if there was no Matching in the first place. When he fell still, I worried that the author would kill him off,  but grateful when he came back to them and helped Cassia to create the chances for all of society, to vote and have a choice.

Xander: I'm upset for him, but he has outgrown Cassia. He has become someone none of us could have ever imagined. A doctor, a scientist and a true caregiver to the people in his care. He gave everything to them and spent so much time working for them, only to be on trial for killing someone who was his role model. I hope that he learns to love again.

Lei: I suspected she was who she first was (this will make sense if you've read it). I hope that she will learn to love again and find a way to commemorate her love in the past while learning to love again and make the most of the new world.

The Pilot:  I don't particularly trust this man, he seemed to have good intentions but he got in over his head to quickly. I hope that he can find a place where he truly belongs but really, I don't believe that he should be the ruler of a country! He seems so stranger and unsure near the end, that he wouldn't be someone I chose as a leader. 

Oker: He was a role model. He made things as right as he could before passing, but everyone runs out of time eventually. I think that he did what he did in the beginning because he truly thought it was right, and after seeing how it affected those around him, he made the choice to make it right, which is harder to do then some might believe.

Hunter: What the literal heck! I was surprised that he could be capable about such a thing, but when people have been treated unfairly all their lives, it's crazy what they'll do. 

Moments to Remember:
Pg. 497
"For so long, we cared about who saw us. Who might be watching, who might be hurt. But now, we are only dancing."

Final Line: "Reaching and reached."

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