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Spoiler: Room by Emma Donoghue

As I mentioned in the review this novel was not on my TBR but was suggested by my mom and my mother-in-law (sort of). They were pretty adamant about me reading this novel and with a borrowed copy in hand who was I to say no?
As many of you mat realize this is an Adult Fiction book, which is something I don't normally go for. I'm more into YA (Young Adult), but I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. Possibly because it was not full of sex and adult problems that I am avoiding some how (nervous laughter would be implied here).

So for anyone who doesn't know, Room is a novel about a mother and a son who are in one room together. The son, Jack was born in this room and has had no interaction with the outside world. He is also the narrator of the novel, so everything you read is from his perspective. I thought this would get tedious, but I found it more interesting as I work with children I thought that the line of thought was certainly on the right track. By now you're probably wondering how the Mother got in this room. She's been kidnapped and kept there for the past 7 years. So if you're doing any math, Jack is 5. That should let you know about her captor. This novel goes through life in Room, and eventually life outside.

The plot is daring and the thought put into the child's perspective was what kept me drawn in. After reading goodreads I realize this is not everyone's opinion which is fine, if you have a separate opinion you can feel free to leave it in the comments, or you can go to and you may find people who share your opinion.

Jack: So Jack is the main character in the story and he is so curious about the world. Which only makes his thoughts more interesting. After only being in human contact with Ma, Jack has a different perspective of people. He also has a skewed idea of fantasy and reality. Jack is a tough child, although he is scared after so many changes he starts to prosper in an environment that is not room. With the help of those around him he is able to learn about new things through his fear. This being said, he still misses room, this is understandable considering it was his home his whole life. After a revisit, Jack is able to realize that there is so much more to life than Room.

Ma: She's a strong woman, and I respect that. To live through captivity, the birth of two children, rape, the death of one child. I was surprised when she tried to leave the clinic, but was not surprised when she attempted to commit suicide. After all she had been through, she was dealing well, but having publicity in your face, I can't say I don't understand. And it will take many years before she recovers. It's hard to believe that she was moved to independent living so soon.

Old Nick: What a sick freak! To have implanted a chainlink fence in between the ground and the floor and in the walls is so sick. I hope that anyone like him enjoys years and year in prison.

Dr. Clay: I think he is having trouble dealing with such an intense case. He has never dealt with anything quite like it he admits. He does very well with Jack, which I'm grateful for.

Grandma: She does an excellent job of encouraging Jack to explore the world around him. Sometimes with more patience than others, which is to be expected. She let's him experience many emotions, fear sometimes overwhelmingly (at the playground, or when exploring something new). I hope that she can let go of Ma, and let her have a life, but I wouldn't be surprised if that didn't workout because of the fear of losing her again.

Steppa: Steppa is an interesting character, apparently he's a stoner, but at least he's fun and not a jerk like the real grandpa. He's got patience as well and is willing to deal with the tough stuff when Grandma cannot in the story. He also plays with him instead of just watching which I think Jack appreciated.

Moments to Remember:
Final Line: "Then we go out the door."

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