Saturday, February 11, 2017

Spoiler: The Stranger Game by Cylin Busby

So I got this book on audio from OverDrive from my library after I released how much time I could be listening to a book rather than just staring out the window while I drive, workout or do dishes. So this audiobook was just over 6 hours and I was able to finish it in about five days. It definitely made my commute more interesting. I really enjoyed this book overall the plot was something interesting and I thought that the multiple perspectives really added to the book and helped readers to understand where each character was coming from. I also thought that the thrilling aspects were good, not the best but really freaking good.

Nico: The fact that she mentions all the abusive things that Sarah did to her before her disappearance gives us a pretty good idea of how she feels about her sister, and allows us to make our own opinions about Sarah. I did guess that she might know more than she was letting on especially after hearing so many miserable things about Sarah. I do feel for Nico though, Sarah affected her with life and in the disappearance and in the end with death. I did think that it was strange how fast she felt for the new Sarah even though we later find out she's not Sarah at all, but I guess it makes sense to want a better family life.

Old Sarah: Let's be real she was a flaming bitch. I have no idea how she got to be such an ass hole but she seriously was one. She kind of deserved to go how she did... is that evil? Maybe, but I doubt she would have gotten better over time.

New Sarah: I did feel bad for Liberty, but by the end, I was a little upset with her. To put a family through that is heart-wrenching and I hope that they never find Sarah's body. I did think that her point of view was important it shows how your early years of life can shape who you are, but there are ways that that can change.

Tessa: I think that she might remind Nico of Sarah before the disappearance to an extent. Without the abuse.

Mom: I think that she knows that this isn't really Sarah but her heart just won't let her believe it. Hope is a powerful thing.

Dad: I think he is blind to whether it is Sarah or not, similar to Nico and Sarah's mom. Blind with hope and gratefulness.

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