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Spoiler: Peaches by Jodi Lynn Anderson

This book, is a gift to us all and we should cherish it close to our hearts.It shows who we are behind the walls we make. I found that in my group of three friends, we all kinda relate to one of the three main characters.
Muphy: I think I relate most with Murphy she's sarcastic and sometimes even blunt but inside she's a really good person. She puts on a tough front but I always think that deep inside she cares. I'm happy for her and Rex. They are super cute!
Birdie: She is so naive and believes everything.. I thnk this relates to my friend "Beth". She's naive in a good way though, Beth, like Birdie always believes in teh best of everyone and has so much hope. Hope is a strong thing and without it things are not quite the same. I love how the hurricane missed them but just enough. It was a great way to show how great Birdie's character was. I'm unbelievably ecstatic that the orchard stayed and that the got Enrico.
Leeda: Leeda seems to have this perfect life but in reality she's just putting on a show that everything is all right. Which it really isn't. I hate how her mother treats her like absolute shit. And sometimes her sister can be a brat too but all and all with the help of her friends she works things out. It's sad that she lost Rex but I don't think she loved him anyway. I think she relates to my friend "Kyla." She is always worried about everyone else and doesn't worry about her own problems.
Rex: He shouldn't have cheated on Leeda but he really did work better with Murphy. They just seemed meant for each other. And though I don't believe cheating is ever the answer.. they were meant to be.
Enrico: Strange and mysterious. I like him also :D
These character make the story!

Favourite Moments/ Lines

♥PG. 7
" 'Who cares? I just want to go somewhere.'
'Done. We'll hit Bob's Big Boy. I'm starving,' Gavin said, subsituting love of sex for love of food in the grand tradition of all guys everywhere."

♥Pg. 17
"(Instead) the entire Cawly-Smith family sitting at the table moved on to the wedding that would take place in mid-August, talking about the cake (red velvet, boring), the honeymoon (the West Indies, typical), the signature drinks(the Danayrita and the You Brighton My Life Banana Daquiri, no comment), and the wedding song ("From This MOment On", by Shania Twain, vomit)."

♥PG. 29
"She hated talking to strangers. Especially guys her age. Especially good looking ones. Living on an orchard and being homeschooled, she had the social prowess of the Hunchback of Notre Dame."

♥Pg. 39
"Poopie didn't smell like mothbolls. She always smeeled like warm cookies."

"Murphy woke up to a bird chirping.
She pulled the pillow over her head and then pulled it away for a moment. 'Shut up,' She yelled, and pulled it back.
The bird went on chriping, its shrill song drilling right through the glass and the fabric of her pillow. he was doing it on purpose. She knew he was."

" 'What are you doing here?'
'Got caught on the premises. having wild sex. It was so good I didn't hear anyone coming.' "

""All the next day the orchard felt like a ghost town inhabited by predominantly Mexican ghosts."

♥Pg. 102
" 'Birdie, I think you must be Supergirl,' he said giving her an exhausted smile. He swiped at a smudge of ash beside his eye. 'You are very strong.' "

" 'Um.' Birdie stared at him. 'Um. Do I have a dirt mustache?' Enrico looked at her for a second and then started laughing. Like the time in the cider house, she felt like he wasn't laughing at her, just with ehr. She started laughing too.
'See. What girl would ask this? Crazy.' "

♥Pg. 104
As she watched him walk away, Birdie considered going after him, in a way they did in the movies. She pictured calling him and running up to him and just planting a kiss on him. She nevisioned him turning and walking back and planting one on her. She imagined sneaking into his room in a few minutes and kissing him then."

♥PG. 105
"The view was enough to make a person think that God was smiling on Horatio Balmeade. he would never have to worry about frost, unless it might kill his imported pine trees, which had no business being in Georgia in the first place. A person could assume that his club would never have any problems, that it would always be perfect, and that at some point it was inevitable it would swallow up the mess of the orchard.
But Birdie saw it differently.
She took it as a good omen that the sun, though it was shining on Horatio Balmeade and all of his glittereing property was the exact same color every morning. That is, it was the exact same color of peaches."

♥Pg. 119
" Birdie stayed on teh floor a long time. If her dad had given up and her mom had given up, then how could she hold things together on her own?"

♥Pg. 121
"Behind her, Allan Brewer, who she'd let touch her boobs in tenth grade, pushed on her bun from behind and whispered, 'Beep beep.' She lifted her hadn behind her back and gave hime the finger.
On their way out of class, Allan caught up with her. 'Hey Murphy, why'd you flick me off?'
'That's what I do to people who annoy me."
'Listen, I'm having people over tonight...'
'And you're wondering if I can come over so you can give me whiskey and Gatorade and try to feel me up. At which point I'll smack you.'
'You're riight about everyithing but the slapping part.' Allan grinned."


♥Pg. 131
"Murphy looked at Leeda. 'See you pissed her off. Your cousin's a total powder keg.'
Leeda scowled at her back as she walked on ahead. Bridie wasn't a powder keg. She wasn't even a firecracker. She was maybe, at most, a sparkler."

♥Pg. 136
"When she looked up, her dad was at the bottom of the stairs.
'What are you doing?' he demanded.
Birdie froze. 'Um, just... making sure everybody has what they need. What... are you doing?'
Walter relxed a bit. 'I came to look for you.' "

"Everey nigth seh was shocked by the many uses of peaches. The women knew how to make anything out of them -peach-and-pecan soup, peach salsa, peach-and-onion fritters, peach-and-amaretto jelly."

♥PG. 195
" 'Those trees are so ugly,' Birdie said distastefully, pointing to the skinny Italian pines. leeda had always thought they were pretty, but now, she realized her taste had shifted. They didn't look ugly to her. But they didn't look right either.
'I'd like to stick one of those trees up Horatio Balmeade's butt,' Murphy said casually and Birdie giggled."

♥PG. 214
" 'Birdie he likes you. Why wouldn't he? You're beautiful, you're funny, you're sweet.'
'You have the best hair,' Murphy added.
Ledda nodded in agreement. 'You pick a mean peach. You know how to do all this farm stuff that makes you look cool. You're a steel magnolia.' "

♥Pg. 237
" 'Do you guys know we have a hugefreezer in the back of the house?'
'Are we gonna put his body in it?' Murphy joked."

" 'I love this lake. I plan to honor it this last time by swimming in it naked.' "

♥Pg. 283
" 'Do you think we might die?' Leeda asked. nobody answered. 'Because in case we do, I think we should have one of those deep talks where we spill our guts to each other.'
Birdie and Murphy looked at her for a second. And then they brust out laughing, sor of despereatly.
'You're such a dork,' Birdie said. "

♥Pg. 300
You may notice I'm sending you a CD of all the crappy music you like. I'm also sending you my ex-boyfriend. I think he belongs to you."

Hope you enjoyed.
Sincerely, Sidny♥♪♫

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