Sunday, November 27, 2011

Spoiler: Soulstice by Simon Holt

After the first book, I didn't think I would like the second one at all but I give every series three chances! (that goes for people too).
This book was very well written and the ideas were better protrayed. We also learnt alot more about the characters.
Reggie: I felt like in the first book we were hearing about a stranger but in this book we got to know her and her fears/ feelings. She is truely a good person who just wants to help everyone. I'm sad that Quinn was such a jerk to her and I truly believed that he was not a bad vour but that's an oxymoron. I'm not so happy that she told her dad what was going on! No shit he thought she was crazzzzyyyyy.
Aaron: Is it plain to anyone else that he loves Reggie? Or is it all in my head? I mean they would be so cute together... fighting evil. Best superhero couple ever? I think maybe!
Eben: WTF! He died? I hate when my favourite people die but I guess he couldn't be a ninja like vour hunter 4ever :(
Quinn: I thought he was an exception and that he was a good Vour and proving that Vours could change! Well that kinda blew up in my face. But now he has changed and he's all lovely and human again :D
Dr. Unger: What a freak? Did he ever think that if he helped the Vours he would get Vourized? Seriously!
My Favourite Parts:
♥Pg. 59
"Reggie set the box upon the table and stared at it for a few minutes, half-expecting it to explode. Finally, she undid the ribbon and opened it.
She screamed and pushed the box away. It teetered on the edge of the table and fell, scattering the dainty pink and white flowers that were inside it across the floor. The flowers were covered in a sticky red liquid.
Bleeding Hearts."

♥Pg. 94
" "Freshman year,' he said.'We made it. And with only one body possession and one accidental death to our names.' "

♥Pg. 121
" 'You know, Halloway, I think you like having me around.'
Reggie's eyes flashed.
'Sorry. Demons aren't my type.' "

♥Pg. 133
" 'This isn't one of your novels!' Eben shouted at him. 'The villian can't be vanquished and the hero won't win!' He grabbed Aaron by the collar. 'There are fates far worse than mortal death. Do you understand? I will not let her risk a suffering beyond human understanding for the slim hope of saving strangers! Would you? Would you let her soul die for this?' "

♥Pg. 174
" 'Wait you're a Tracer?'
'Is anyone in this town who they say they are?' Aaron stood up and rubbed his wrist. 'Is it something in the water or what?'

♥Pg. 199
" 'Jesus, Cole do you need a kleenex or a hug or what? Quit your whining and get in the car,' "

♥Pg. 203
" He told Even what happened and by the time Aaron finished, the old man had already pulled the oxygen tube out of his nose and the IV out of his arm. He tried to stand but his balance was off, and Aaron had to catch him.
'Whoa, whoa Eben. You can't go anywhere like this.'
'Like hell I can't. Where did they go?'
'The forest preserve behind Thornwood Hospital. Something's back there, but I"m not sure what-'
'That's good enough. Get my clothes, would you? Showing up in one of these backless numbers won't inspire much fear in our enemies.' "

♥Pg. 207
" 'I wish for once the mad scientists would do their experiments at the beach. I could get a tan and fight evil,' "

♥Pg. 210
" The window shattered, but louder than that was the BEEP BEEP BEEP of the car's alarm.
In an instant Eben reached his uninjured hand through and unlocked the driver's door, then slid into the seat and pulled out the car alarm wires beneath the steering column. The beeping stopped. The whole thing had taken about seven seconds.
Eben leaned back in the seat and looked in the rearview mirror. No one was coming. He reached down and fumbled around with more wires, and the car engine roared to life.
Aaron was slack-jawed.
'You're going to teach me how to do that someday, right?'
'Aaron, get in the car.' "
Thanks for reading, and the next on my list to read is Fever 1793 by Laurie Halse Anderson
Sincerely, Sidny♥♪♫

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