Friday, November 25, 2011

Spoiler: The Secrets of Peaches by Jodi Lynn Anderson

This book is a little bit of drama, a little bit of sad and a whole bucket full of attitude. The way taht Jodi Lynn Made these characters completely unique and yet the same is amazing and a complex piece of work.
Murphy: She has changed alot in this book and we learn that she is afraid to get attatched. I know that she really loves Rex and he her. I was really mad when she broke up with him to go to New York. I guess something just work that way though. She feels bad about attatchment llike it will hold her down. And in some ways I can understand that. I really love her lippyness. It makes her the perfect amount of caring and sarcastic.
Leeda: She just started to act weird near the end. After the pnemonia. She wanted to seperate herself from everyone so goodbye's would be easier but really I think that just made everything ten times harder!
She was just down right rude and not Murphy rude, but just mean! I was upset by the Pecan Parade when her mother didn't show up. Her mom is all excuses but that doesn't mean that Leeda has to be like that too. I'm happy she moved with Murphy and that she wasn't home as much in this one!
Birdie: She is such a sweetheart. I feel bad about her dad and Poopie (still can't get over that her real name). She must have felt so awkward. I was disappointed when her and Enrico slept together. They should have waited but he only did what she wanted. I think that she should have never stopped talking to Enrico, they're just to right for each other. He's there for her no matter what! I'm happy that they got back together in the end and are both in Mexico!
Rex: It isn't fair that he has to suffer heartache because of Murphy wanting to go. i think he should have went with her. Never leaving her side seems like the best option.They could have even had a long distance relationship, it might have worked!
Enrico: This man might be my dream guy! He doesn't just want sex from Birdie. He truely wants to be with her emotionally and mentally. TRUE LOVE♥
♥Pg. 1
" Summer was one thing. Summer was skinny-dipping in the lake."

♥Pg. 26
"He was trying to get arise out of her by calling her Shorts. Murphy hated nicknames. She made a big deal of not caring and looked behind her. he had a backpack, a themos of what was almost definitely sweet tea, and a tiny radio.
'Are you trying to seduce me?' "

♥Pg. 28
" 'Do you think in your last light you might have been a hobo?' Rex asked. 'Because you look hungry for a train.' "

"Rex took it in, nodding. 'It sounds great. But I wouldn't go for New York. Or to get out of here. I'd be going for the girl.' "

♥PG. 42
"They stepped to the threshold, a little shocked to see piles of ancient tools, farm gear, dusty saddles, and old funiture scattered everywhere. Birdie stood in the middle of all of it.
'Dang, Birdie,' Leeda said. 'If we get all this stuff cleaned out, are we going to find the earth's molten core?' "

♥Pg. 83
" 'My mom's... into me or something. Maybe now. Maybe now that I'm leaving. Or that she's sick. Or something. She calls me, like, three times a day. She's not so bad right now.'
'Not bad relative to Satan?' "

" 'He's just so... just... a...'
'He's a cafe con leche love biscuit,' Murphy said. Thay all knew Birdie was talking about Enrico by the stupid goofy look on her face. Rex let out a short choppy laugh.
But Birdie just sank deeper against the table. 'You know what? I even like the letter E better now,' "

♥Pg. 101
" 'Do you think the fried Mars bar truck will be here?' "

♥Pg. 168
" In all the photos where her mom appeared where her mom appeared, it was the same. Lucretia always looked better. Her hair was neater, her clothes were prettier, her smile was more majestic. She was always her own special and superior island.
'Her smile never reaches her eyes,' Birdie said.
Leeda smiled sardonically. 'That's because she's a robot.' "

♥Pg. 176
" 'Where's my stuff?'
Enrico sat up too. 'You're in my room.' Birdie must have looked horrified because he laughed and then said, 'Don't look so worried, I'm on the couch. ' "

♥Pg. 179
" 'All he talk about is Birdie, Birdie, Birdie.. All summer too, before you told each other how you felt.' "

♥Pg. 191
"It rained and rained. Minute after minute went by, and it didn't let up. How long did heavy rains like this last in Mexico? Birdie could hear Enrico breathing, and it made her nervous to be this alone.
'We may have to sleep here,' Enrico said.
Birdie turned her face to him, horrified, but he laughed. 'Kidding, Birdie.' "

♥Pg. 194
" 'I saw you crying, and...' He, too, seemed to suddenly get how funny it was because he grinned. 'Yeah. And now i have a chicken.' "

♥Pg. 210
" 'HOw long has it been since your last confession?'
Birdie thought. What day was it today? January thirteenth, fourteenth? 'Um, eight months?' It hadn't been since before the summer. She guessed it had slipped her mind.
'Go on.'
'I...' Birdie cleared her throat. 'I Googled a couple of answers on my history test.'
'And... I committed adultery and...' Birdie said it low and fast 'I...'
Birdie swallowed.
'Birdie is this like the time you thought you committed adultery because you had mooned someone?' "

♥Pg. 266
" 'You wanna go do something? Something away from here?'
Murphy seemed to be thinking. 'Yeah.'
'We can do anything you want.'
Murphy seemed to think some more. And then she sat up all the way, and Birdie could finally see something of her in the dark. She could see the white of her smile. Birdie knew to be immediately afraid. "

♥Pg. 282
"Finally she asked, 'Why do you keep loving me, Birdie?'
Birdie looked at her like she was really thinking about it. 'I love you because you're leeda. I just... I don't know, i guess it's too late to not love you. So I just accept you.'
Leeda tried to harness what she wanted to say. It was hard to put it into words. 'I can't even imagine what kind of person you see when you look at me. I mean, I can't think of who it is you think you're accepting.'
Birdie put her hand on Leeda's and crushed her fingers in her brave Birdie way. 'Just you, Leeda. I just love whoever you are.' "

In conclusion to all of that I love this series and hope to read the third one "Love and Peaches" soon. Next on the list is Soulstice.
Sincerely, Sidny♥♪♫

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