Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Kate's Choice: Luv ya Bunches by Lauren Myracle

"In this fresh, funny new series, four girls discover that the best friendships happen by accident."
"A chance collision on the first day of fifth grade brings together four girls with something special in common.
First there's new girl Violet, who asks for directions...
Then there's bouncy Katie-Rose, who gestures a little too enthusiastically...
Then there's quiet Yasaman, who passes by at the wrong moment...
And then there's popular girl Camilla, who takes a spectacular tumble, along with the precious contents of her backpack...
How her lucky bobble-head turtle ends up as part of a sinister plot devised by the queen bee Medusa- er, Modessa- is a BIG MESSY MESS that the four "flowers" must get to the bottom of together. Along the way, they'll discover something even more exciting: friendship."

This is the first ever Kate's Choice and it's in honor of my sister and her awesome reading. This is for all those preteens out there who aren't quite at the young adult age yet. Hope you enjoy it. I interviewed my sister about what she thinks about this book.... sooo.... here we go!

Why did you enjoy this book?
I like it because it's from many girls' points of view and their all around my age. It helped me explore different cultures and walks of life.

Who would you recommend it to?
Every girl around my age... I'm 10.

Why did you decide to read this book?
The way it described the girls on the back it seemed fun and a great way to experience new culture.

Do you plan on reading the next book?
Yes, I do!

*What's your favourite part?* SPOILER ALERT
My favourite part is when you find out what happened to Violet's mom.

*What's your least favourite part?* SPOILER ALERT
My least favourite part is when Modessa accuses Katie-Rose of stealing Tally the Turtle.

Who's your favourite character?
My fave character is Yasamine, because she seems shy, but once you get to know her you see a whole nother side.

What's your favorite part about the book itself?
The way it's written makes it fairly easy to understand and everyone's feelings are well expressed.

Who do you relate most with?
Katie-Rose because it's very easy to understand what she's thinking and what she means.

Finally, out of ten, what do you rate this book?
9.5/10. It' isn't quite a ten because some parts didn't make sense to me. Most of it was easy to understand but i wish they would have explained the cultures more.

Thanks all for reading :D

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