Thursday, December 29, 2011

Movie and Book Comparison! THE OUTSIDERS

First comparison ever but if I'm going to continue reading books first and later watching movies based on them I figure this is a cool way to bring people together. People who only like movies might decide that reading a book that a movie was based on might not be so bad :)
So I think that this movie did a great interpretation of the book. I was only a little disappointed that Sodapop's girlfriend didn't exist in the movie but they had to cut some stuff.
I loved this book and the movie lived up to it. It made me cry which is good because I love feeling emotions. I know that sounds weird, that I like crying, but it makes me feel alive more than sad.
Anyways I'd just like to thank S.E Hinton and everyone who had something to do with the making of "The Outsiders" film.
And that's all I have to say.
Thanks for reading.
Tell me what you think below :) Love hearing other opinions!

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