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Spoiler: Sharing Sam by Katherine Applegate

This book amazes me and I just finished it. It makes you think about the what ifs in life. I think many realise that death is inevitable, but the courage to face it is amazing. The fact that Alison what right there with Izzy no matter what amazes me. Would I be able to do that? Would I be there? Would I give up my true love for my best friends happiness? What if I was like Izzy? Would I know what to do? See what I mean. It makes you wonder
Mostly, I knew as soon as I read the first page, that i was going to like this book . The description doesn't seem to show how heart wreching it truely is. And I mean that in the best way possible.
Alison: She shows amazing bravery and loyalty. I can't believe that she gave up Sam but I'm happy she did. She went through alot and it was great to learn about what the people close to someone with a deadly illness go through.
Izzy: I can't imagine going through cancer. It scares me so much the possibilities and the fact that we all will die... that frightens me also. We see a real side to Izzy about how she feels and I think she puts on a show for people, so that they can pretend that everything is all right. I'm blessed to have even had the chance to read this book.
Sam: He has alot on his plate and I almost wish that he hadn't allowed Alison to talk him into dating Izzy, because it hurt him and the girls. In the end he was the perfect character. He feel for them both and that had to be hard. I'm happy that in the end he came to term with he's feelings and said goodbye the best way possible.
Morgan: He is another huge factor in this book. I feel terrible for those with mental illness as a result from old age. It doesn't seem fair to be robbed of your mind and yet it happens everyday. I know that his character is one that many can relate with. I don't think there are many who haven't been encountered by one illness of the elderly.

♥Lines and Moments♥:
♥Pg. 1
"Some people said Sam had robbed a Get n' Go in Okeechobee. Some said he was an undercover narc. A reliable source in the girls' bathroom claimed he was Mick Jagger's illegitimate son."

♥Pg. 4
"I checked his head wound. It was bleeding, all right, although not very dramatically. I needed something to bind the cut. There was only one thing to do. I took off my T-shirt. Fortunately, I had a bathing suit top on underneath.
'Maybe I'm in heaven after all,' Sam said.
I tried to rip the T-shirt with my teeth. It always work in the movies.
The movies, it just so happens, are full of crap."

♥Pg. 8
"I could smell seat and tobacco and grass and skin, all mixed in with horse. Sound awful, I know. It wasn't.
We fell into a smooth, gentle back-and-forth rol that was all Snicker's doing. My breasts grazed Sam's back, my thighs, his thighs. Sounds harmless, I know. It wasn't."

♥Pg. 25
"Same was slowly making his way across the. I wondered if he'd ever seen a doctor. The cut on his forehead was a thin black line. I felt this wild rush of hope as he approached. I don't know what I was hoping for, exactly. Unless maybe it was the insane fantasy that he'd swoop me into his arms and tell me that his life had been forever changed since that moment we'd first touched in the orange grove.
'Hi,' he said.
So much for the fantasy."

♥Pg. 29
"Izzy slit open the manila envelope. 'Fo your wall at the hospital,' I explained as she pulled out the Michelin street map of Paris."

♥Pg. 30
" 'I brought you this.' He passed me a rolled-up wad of gray fabric. It took me second to realize that t was a T-shirt. 'I felt bad, you know, about your shirt. And I'm kinda strapped for cash until I get my bike fixed.'
I unrolled the shirt. It was huge and smelled of Tide.
'It's almost new. i only wore it twice. And I washed it.' "

♥Pg. 34
" 'If my family's normal, we're all in troube.' "

♥Pg. 36
"Sam crossed his arms. 'You're an interesting girl, Alison.'
'No, I"m not. I'm really pretty average.'
'You shouldn't say that.'
'Why not? It's true.'
'Because you might start to believing it.' "

♥Pg. 45
" 'I should shower first.' I said nervously, ont to Sara, not to Sam, more or less to Snickers, actually.
'I just got off work,' Sam said. 'I'm covered in grease and sweat. We can offend each other.' "

♥Pg. 58
" 'Guess I should have warned youHe's kind of unpredictable.'
'I like him. I've never had my hand kissed before. Come to think of it, I've never had a parrot come on to me either.' "

♥Pg. 73
" 'Maybe ther's more to Steve than meets th eye,' I suggested.
'Steve? No way. We're just good buds, you know that.'
'You sure? He has a pet name for you.'
'Dumbo is not a pet name. It's a term of ridicule.
'Nah. I've tried to look at him that way, but I can tell it would be like a NutraSweet love. You know- you convice yourself it's okay, then there's this weird aftertaste.' "

♥Pg. 84
" 'I clean up dog vomit all day, Jim,' she was saying. 'I am a veterinarian. I live and breathe dog vomit. All I am saying is, we have too many pets.'
'Just a dog, a cat and a horse,' my dad called from the kitchen. He danced (Badly) into the living room, a wooden spoon in one hand. 'Man, you're one gorgeous hunk of woman,' He said to my mom.
She held up a piece of paper towel. 'I am scraping up dog vomit off your fifteen-year-old carpet with the cat pee stain we have to cover wither your mother's sewing basket, and you are actually capable of having impure thoughts?' "

♥Pg. 86
" 'Love is scary sometimes.'
My father reappeared, still brandishing a spoon. Tomato sauce striped his cheek like war paint.
"I rest my case,' my mom whispered. 'Scarey stuff, love.' "

♥Pg. 117
" 'What do you thin happens when you die, Al?'
'I don't know,' I said softly. 'I'd like to think you go to a place without zits and static cling. But I can't find a religion that buys into that.' "

♥Pg. 150
" 'Izzy wanted me to giveyou this.'
I gave her a hug and then i went to sit at a quiet place near the waves. Inside the envelope was the map of Paris I'd given her. There was anote paper-clipped to the top.
You and Sam will be needing this.
Thanks for sharing. I love you

Thanks so much for reading. The next book i hope to read willl beeee..... Fearscape by Simon Holt :)

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