Friday, June 22, 2012

Spoiler: Ask Me No Questions by Marina Budhos

This book was very fascinating and while it proved a point, it wasn't a perfect piece of literary work, but as good books do it shows something and proves the point that makes people think. I thought a lot about how I judge and how other people must view the judge mental. We have no right to judge about what is going in others peoples lives and its up to us to think about our future and help if we can with others.

Nadira: Is the younger sister, who everyone kind of takes for granted. In the end she comes out the strongest of everyone. Unwilling to break and settle she guides her family back to greatness.

Aisha: Is the smart older sister who is willing to give anything to get into school, but in the end Aisha is not nearly as mature as once thought. She is, in her own way, a phony. She practices what to say each night, picks out her clothes to fit the role etc.

Abba: I find that there are many more strong women like Abba then there are men. Although the character Abba is a man, he reminds me of my mom. Strong and full of hope.

Ma: A loving woman is willing to stay by her husbands side.

♥Pg. 9-10
"Mas served them sweets a doodh-cha -- milky tea-- and they'd talk. About starting again in the cold country up north. A new life. The Canadians are friendly, they liked to say."

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