Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Spoiler: Sarah by Margueritte Harmon Bro

I loved this book, sorry to all readers that it took me so long to finish it. I enjoyed the way that this book was geared to young adults. It felt like someone wrote this book just for me to be geared toward what i'm going through. The indecision that comes with adolencense can be found in this book quite easily. The change of settings were exciting and allowed my imagination to become adventurous. This sounds awful, but my favorite place in the story was when Sarah traveled to Europe during the war to play piano for the troops. I feel that she did her part for society that way. Let's talk about some characters: Sarah: I think Sarah is a bit like me. Tall, slightly awkward, musical and lost. She is my favorite main character of the moment and she made me cry and smile. I think Margueritte Harmon Bro did an excellent job making a relatable main character. Rachel: A cutesy best bud is always needed with an undecisive main :) this is how I catagorize Rachel. Leslie: I thought he was interesting in Sarah at first to be honest, but Rachel and him make a very cute couple. He seems to understand Sarah completely. Dr. Rivera: A great friend of her father's and a true saint. He and his wife help Sarah find her calling. Mrs. Rivera: A true find. She is older than Sarah but has the energy of a young child, filled with many thoughts at once and is quite capable of leaving a man breathless. Grandpa: A man of few words, but wise ones at that. He has many long discussions with his granddaughter and helps her get through the good and the bad. Alan: I only wish he hadn't died in the war, but rather had stayed with Sarah and had a wonderful life. It was unfortunately bound to happen. He was a great character, one who i fell in love with to be quite honest. Erik: What a sweetheart? Although he has trouble with his hand loss, I'm happy that he found happiness with Sarah :) Memorable/Favorite Lines and Moments: ♥Pg. 3 " 'She takes after the Ducans; they're all tall. But her ankles she gets from Ma. The O'Malleys have good figures. Ma has the prettiest ankles I ever saw.' " ♥Pg. 113 " 'I do no make mistakes; not about musicians. Mistakes about cards, yes. About women, it could be. About horses, but always. But not about musicians...." ♥Pg. 119 " 'Number twelve has missed his calling,' said Mr. Templeton. 'He doesn't care whether he paints, and we do not care whether he pains.' The class laughed. Howard Powers took art because it was a painless way of gathering enough credits to play football. " ♥Pg. 139 " 'Shall we bring Penelope in the house, Sarah?' Penelope was the goat his grandfather had given him. 'I would like very much to teach Penelope to sit on a chair.' 'Maybe it would be better to take the chair to Penelope,' Sarah suggested. 'All in all, it seems to me that a chair would be more usueful in the garden than a goat would be in the parlor.' Baldy debated the matter seriously. 'Other people could sit on a chair in the garden, but we could very well have other goats in the parlor. For one thing, we don't know any other goats, do we? Why do we know so few many goats?' " ♥Pg. 162 "She only realized at last her mother was a woman with a life to live. before that time mama had been mama. One loved her and gave her presents, ran errands, looked to her for advice. Sometimes one rebelled at a restriction and inwardly called her unreasonable, old-fashioned, even silly about such things as never crossing one's legs in public. But she was a fixture in life, like the furniture, the house. Now all at once she was watching her mother's contorted face, she realized that here was a person with struggles of her own. Her mother had dissappointments and ambitions. She had personal plans. And now Dr. Rivera was bending over her anxiousy because she might die." ♥ Pg. 204 "It was like asking someone to look into the sun, or was she herself the sun, or was she going to have sunstroke right here in the middle of the dance floor?" ♥ Pg. 210 " 'I don't know what your custom is, but for me, whenever I kiss a woman the way I've been kissing you- and intend to go on kissing you- and right away- like this- and this- and this- why then I marry the woman at the first possible moment.' " ♥ Pg. 362 " 'He is a heathen,' said his wife fondly." Hope you all have a good week! Love, Sidny ♥♪♫

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