Monday, June 18, 2012

Spoiler: Tenth Grade Bleeds by Heather Brewer

I was slightly disappointed in this novel as it was so predictable. Did anyone else guess that Otis was sending Vlad the dreams? I hope so otherwise I'm far to suspicious. I hope that the next book is slightly more shocking. I still can't get over Heather Brewer's use of humor! I love it so much! A good laugh in any book, makes it a better book, at least in my opinion. I was happy with the use of family and other vampires in this book, we learn alot more about their culture and society.
Let's talk about some characters:
Vlad: The main character in these books has changed alot since we were introduced to him in the first novel. He is slowly changing into a man. I think I like it! Slowly, but surely we witness Vlad breaking out of his shell. Firstly, by dating Meredith and later by hanging out with the goth group. With Meredith he is so loving and kind, that is until he tries to eat her! I felt horrible that he broke up with her at the end, but I guess it was so he didn't kill her. With the goth group, suprising but I figured eventually he'd get the confidence to go and talk to them. There is only so much people watching you can do before you become a stalker. I can hardly wait to read more about Vlad in the next book!!!

Otis: This man must be the best Uncle ever to deal with Vlad's slight stupidity. How could Vlad not know that Otis was sending him the messages/dreams??? Even I guessed it and I'm not the sharpest bulb. In this book, we notice that Otis is falling harder and harder for Nelly, which would be him breaking yet another rule (SHOCKING I KNOW ! :P )  He makes me smile, mostly because of the way he thinks about the world. 
Meredith: What a sweetie! I wish that her and Vlad would have worked out, but it appears that he only wishes to eat her at the moment, but I'm sure we'll see her in the third book.
Nelly: Nelly is growing increasingly protective, and with reason. Her 15 year old nephew is growing impressively thirsty. I hope she doesn't think that she'll be next, but it is a possibility. After all he did almost eat his girlfriend.
Henry: A best friend through it all? I think not! We see Vlad and Henry fight alot in this book. Vlad is starting to order Henry around instead of asking and Henry is not going to take it. THAT A BOY!
D'ablo: Will this guy just die? For frick sakes. How much can you live through!?!?!?!?
Ignatius: How crazy is it that Vlad's own grandpa tries to kill him? It was the biggest shock in the book. There was some crazy stuff going on when I read that and I seriously swore extrememly loud about this family drama. Talk about family problems!
Goth Group: This is a group that Vlad branches out to in order to prove Meredith and Henry wrong about stereotyping and everything goes well, that is until he bites Snow. I was disappointed that Vlad didn't tell anyone about them. It's almost like a sexual affair if you think about it.
My Favorite Lines & Moments:
Pg. 21
" 'She's not walking with us. Her dad kinda thinks I might be a serial killer.'
'On account of what, exactly?'
'On account of I'm dating his daughter, I think.' "
♥Pg. 28
"Mr. Cartel cleared his throat and shifted in his seat a little before standing up. he picked up a long wooden pointer and, much to Vlad's horror, smacked the pointer against the nether regions of the man on the poster."
♥Pg. 39
"Suddenly the realization fell on Otis that to a human, the scene around them made it look as though he and Vlad had been making a nice stew out of the neighborhood children."
♥Pg. 79
"Sometimes Vlad wished that he were home-schooled. At least for health class.
Vlad shook his head. Strike that- the last thing he wanted was to listen to Nelly explain where babies came from. With puppets. Again."
♥Pg. 107
" 'Nelly seriously thinks I'm going to have Meredith for dinner.'
Henry shook his head. 'That's ridiculous.'
Vlad groaned. 'I know!'
'Meredith is way too small for dinner. If anything, she'd be lunch, or maybe a big breakfast.' "
♥Pg. 192
" 'So should we hug now, or...?'
Vlad chuckled, putting a hand up. 'Hey man, I missed you. But I didn't miss you that much.' "
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