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Spoiler: The House of the Scorpion by Nancy Farmer

I never thought I'd read a book about a clone that I'd enjoy, never mind read it from the clone's point of view. In my opinion I don't agree with cloning and this book shows why. Sure it's amazing that you can create a whole person without having to give birth to it. But to use that person for spare parts? How do people not realize that's wrong? It makes sense that, in this book, clones have to have their brains somewhat destroyed. Its not fair for someone to figure out what is coming. This book deals with the huge issue of drugs too. What if we just let the drug dealers have their own land and let them do what they want if it doesn't affect us? Well then you get eejits, and murder. So many horrible things can happen if we aren't careful.

Matt: This is a character who isn't afraid to say what he thinks. For most of the book he has trouble being himself as he is a clone and thought to be disgusting like a dog or a pig. Hardly anyone loves him and he doesn't understand why. I understand this as it can be related to racism. People are not judging you per say but what you are, who you are. I think in the end he realized that he didn't have to be El Patron, even though he was his clone, there were things he could choose to do or not to do.

Celia: Celia is Matt's main mother figure. She took care of him since he was a small child, I would say an infant and throughout the novel she puts his needs first. I was shocked in the end to realize that she didn't turn into an eejit or get killed but rather lived to see Matt return.

Tam Lin: I love this character because of the way he acts as Matt's conscious and helps him escape. Nice.

El Patron: I really thought that El Patron was only trying to get a clone so he could have a son again. I did realize before Matt was called into the hospital the last time that this wasn't true, that El Patron wanted to harvest Matt's organs. And when he didn't get to and he died, I figured no one would be harmed in the after life. But that just wasn't the case. He had to poison the wine, and cause more death in his wake.

Maria: She was a cute, bubbly girl who turned into a bright, talkative young woman. Hopefully she gets over that Matt is/was a clone.

Moments to Remember:
♥Pg. 62
"'This is my clone. He's the most important person in my life. If you thought it was any of you sorry, misbegotten swine, think again.' The old man chuckled softly."

♥Pg. 85
"Maria started bring Furball on her visits. He was a shrill, rat-sized dog that forgot his house training when he got excited. Tam Line often threatened to suck him- and the mess he deposited- up in the vacuum cleaner. 'He'd fit,' he growled over Maria's terrified protests. 'Trust me, he'd fit.'"

♥Pg. 94
"There was no point arguing with her. Maria took Furball everywhere. Tam Lin complained that it wasn't a dog, but a hairy tumor growing out of arm. He offered to take her to a doctor and have it removed."

♥Pg. 222
"'I love you,' Matt said.
  'I love you, too,' said Maria. 'I know that's a sin, and I'll probably go to hell for it.'
  'If I have a soul, I'll go with you,' promised Matt."

♥Pg. 275
"Matt realized he'd better walk carefully around people who took offense to mere words. What harm could words do? Tam Lin loved a good argument, the more spirited the better. He said it was like doing push-ups in your brain."

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