Friday, February 1, 2013

Spoiler: In A Heartbeat by Loretta Ellsworth

I'm going to give my opinion, as I usually do, and so if you don't agree you can comment below with your opinion. I didn't like this book nearly as much as I thought I would. I didn''t hate it but it just wasn't what I expected and wanted it to be. I thought we'd get to learn more Eagan. I understand that this book could have gone on forever if we did, but I think we only got to see bits and pieces and I wish they had been more detailed. All in all I wonder if maybe this book wasn't made for older young adults and was rather aimed at those who are just becoming teens. I did like seeing from both the donor side of the view and the receiving end. The best part of this book, was that it helped me understand that on my driver's licence I want to put that I am an organ donor. It showed me that even after I'm gone, I can still give someone the gift of life.

Eagan: This book starts out with Eagan talking about how she dies. She does it in a light and humorous way which I liked, but getting into the book and reading more about her I didn't really like her. I understand that her mother pushed her to skate a bit to hard, but it's not like she hated it. She seemed to love it. I didn't like the way she snapped at her mother and while I can understand that she was upset about learning that she wasn't really an only child, I thought that she could have handled it better. In the end I thin that she was grateful for what she had and it was touching to see her forgive her mother in the way she did.

Amellia: I was shocked when Amellia turned from the girl we saw in the beginning to taking on parts of Eagan's personality, but it did her good in the end. I mean after all she got to change and learn more about herself. I was disappointed when she took on the back talking to her mom thing though. In the State's it must cost a fortune to undergo a transplant. I liked that she ended up with Ari and I suppose they'll live a long, happy life together.

Scott: I think that Scott was incredibly hurt by losing Eagan and I thought that maybe he would get together with Amellia , but since she's already taken he just goes on remembering Eagan through her. I think that he really holds himself responsible for Eagan's death and it's not right. He may not have been there but if he was he would hold the image of Eagan dying in his mind.

Ari: He's a sweet boy who knows how to take care of Amellia and when he drives her to meet Eagan's family it's the sweetest gesture I've ever known.

Miki: I think that Miki was Eagan's sister who died before she was born. It all adds up she doesn't have a name, and Eagan's grandma says she's there with her two girls. Click!

Moments to Remember:
♥Pg. 51
"'You're doing fine. Just keep it consistent.'
 'I'll keep it consistent, all right.'
 'And don't talk back.' Grandpa tried not to smile but I saw one brewing beneath his white mustache. he liked that I sassed him back, but he'd never admit it."

♥Pg. 141
"'It's your favorite movie,' she said as I opened it.
 'Pretty Woman?' I pulled the DVD from the bag. 'Thanks.'
 Aunt Sophia raised her eyebrows. 'Your favorite movie is a Cinderella hooker story?'"

♥Pg. 181
"'You're the only girl I could impress with a peanut butter sandwich.'
 'It's not just a sandwich. It's the thought behind the sandwich.'"

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  1. Honestly hated eagan she pushed around her mom and yes it is weird and confusing finding out tgat you have an older sister nkw and not the birthday that you wished for one and yourre parents were freaking out but i dont really knkw but hse had just bugged m even thought i hatec eagan doeznt mean tgat i hated this book this is one of my favorite books and a five star book for sure there has fo be a hated cbaracter toaa keep things inreresting!!.:-):-)

  2. I agree about most books having a hated character. I think that it helps hold a book together. This being said, what I mean to say when I don't enjoy a book is that it's not a book for me. I'm not going to fall in love with everything I read, and I've come to terms with the fact that I have opinions but my opinions should not over shadow anyone else's opinion.
    I appreciate your comment, have a great day.