Sunday, February 24, 2013

Spoiler: Incarceron by Catherine Fisher

As usual I judged this book after reading only 50 of its 442 pages, but shortly after I was ranting and raving about how maddening and crazy this book was, I fell in love with it. The alternate world that Catherine Fisher transports the reader to is both frightening and unexpected. I thought that perhaps this book took place in the past and then just fast forwarded to the future but as you read you see that it is in the future but the Outsiders have reverted to an easier time. Easier for the rich that is and only more difficult for the poor. Through crimes and an unlikely live prison Incarceron makes you wonder if man is truly good at heart or a selfish being. It made me question humanity in all terms, future and present.

Finn: We get to learn about Finn as a prisoner of Incarceron but slowly we learn that he has visions/memories that show him the outside world. Through out the book we try to figure out whether or not he really is from the outside or is just a messenger, even at the end we can’t be sure as we are told by the Warden that Incarceron recycles everything, even memories.

Claudia: I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, I love a strong female character. Claudia certainly delivers. She may be afraid of her father and the queen but she knows what she wants, not only her duty and she doesn’t do what she’s told without looking within herself for her wants and needs. I think she will make a far better queen.

The Warden: I was shocked to find out that he had taken a baby from the prison, but when you think back to the days at the house, he is cool to her and seems uncaring as long as she does what she’s told. He is a plotter and I doubt he can be trusted.

Jared: I believed for a bit that he is Sapphique and the reason he has such bad health is because part of his is still chained in the prison, dying.

The Queen: I have read about many evil women, but none who have such odd eyes. Look up a passage about her eyes, and try to imagine them. It’s crazy, what comes to my mind at least.

Keiro: He is really scum. Arrogant and rude, I can’t understand why I like this character.

Gildas: I think at first he used Finn to escape but by the end he came to care for the boy as his own. A son he never truly had. I was incredibly mad that he died.

Attia: It is obvious that she has feelings for Finn. The way she fights for him could cause problems later on and perhaps she is the reason that The Warden took the key. So she couldn’t get back and ruin the new couple.

Moments to Remember:
♥Pg. 189
"Keiro nodded. 'So the Sapienti still have some magic after all.'
Breathless, the old man glared at him. 'I wish it worked on you.'"

" 'What about your friend? Doesn't she eat?'
'She's no friend of mine.'
'She came in behind you.'
He shrugged. 'Can't help being followed by girls. I mean, look at me.'"

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