Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Book Review: The Eleventh Plague by Jeff Hirsch

Title: The Eleventh Plague
Author: Jeff Hirsch
Pages: 278
Publisher: Scholastic Press
Year Published: 2011

"Sometimes the only way to survive is to keep moving. America is a vast, desolate landscape left ravaged after a brutal war. Two-thirds of the population are dead from a vicious strain of influenza. People called the sickness the eleventh plague."
"Fifteen-year-old Stephen Quinn was born after the war and only knows the life of a salvager. His family was among the few who survived and took to roaming the country in search of material of trade. But when Stephen's grandfather dies and his father falls into a coma after an accident, Stephen finds his way to Settler's Landing, a community that seems to good to be true. There Stephen meets strong, defiant, mischievous Jenny, who refuses to accept things as they are. When they play a prank that goes horribly wrong, chaos erupts, and they find themselves in the midst of a battle that will change Settler's Landing- and their lives- forever." 

My Rating: 4.5/5

I really loves the idea of this book. Ever since we have past 2012, I am able to read books like this without freaking out too much, just enough. I've been in the mood to read books based in the future the last while and as you can tell from the reading list on the side of this blog most of the books are set in the future. This book did not disappoint although at one point I did find the plot a little predictable. I quickly feel in love with the characters. The setting also caught my imagination because of Jeff Hirsch's vivid illustrations of our world after the Collapse. I would suggest this book to anyone who enjoys sci-fi and the what-if factor in a book.

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  1. I read this book about a year and half ago? yeah, i think that's about right. and i basically felt the same way about it. his diction is superb, i'm glad you enjoyed that as well :)