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Spoiler: Eve by Anna Carey

Eve is another book that is written in the setting of the future and so far it's the best future based book I've read. This book deals with so many themes that I didn't expect it to touch on. The themes of education, government, love, greed, and the "what if" theory are just some of themes used in this piece of work. Eve attends school after the orphans are rounded up. This 'school' isn't really a school at all. In fact its a distraction so that the girls will later be taken to another building to be used as for breeding. But not breeding that they agree to at all. In fact when Eve sees the girls in this building they are in leather restraints and have scars across there stomachs where the babies have been cut out to make things worse, they don't even get to see them. The government in this book also plays a big role. During the plague, the government collapsed until a leader seemed to rise from the ashes. We hear a lot about "the King of the New America" to me he just seems like a dictator. A horrible, horrible dictator. Love is shown in this book not only between your common relationship but also between friends.

Eve: Eve is the main character in this book and she was the best person to tell the story that Anna Carey had laid out. Eve in the beginning is hardly an adult and very naive. She doesn't question anything at the school as she's never led to but when Arden suggests the breeding, Eve is at least smart enough to check it out. I love that Eve begins to trust Caleb and that she falls for him even though she's been taught not to. I think that she did the right thing by following him and I hope that they reunite in the next book.

Arden: If it hadn't been for Arden, Eve would have never escaped. I don't think that she survived being found by the soldiers but if she does I hope to see her spunky personality in the next book. She added a little sass.

Caleb: I don't understand how he could guide Eve to Califia if he knew all along after they'd be separated. This must be true love. I was interested in the fact that the boys were forced to do labor and that they weren't taught to hate women, although some of them do anyways.

Leif: I thought this guy would turn out to be alright after I read about his brother Asher, that he had a reason to act the way he did and deep down he was a good guy. But when he tries to take advantage of Eve and then after gives her up for revenge it made me lose faith in humanity.

Marjorie & Otis: I was surprised to see older people working on the trail and the way they connect it to freeing the slaves was a great connection. I cried when they were shot and was extremely upset with Eve for being so stupid. They were fantastic characters.

Benny & Solas: These two boys helped me understand how horrible the labor camps really were, they couldn't spell and they just never had the chance to be children at all.

Moments to Remember:
♥Pg. 62
"'And what is it that I'm planning? Really, I'd love to hear.'
  We were trotting down a highway now, the metal guardrails barely visible beneath the vines. Off in the distance was a half-crumbled bridge. 'You want to have intercourse with me,' I said matter-of-factly."

♥Pg. 119
"I'd met Caleb two days ago and he'd yet to do anything I could deem suspicious. He hadn't left me at the river. He'd brought Arden and me breakfast and lunch, towels and fresh rainwater to bathe in. He'd even swept the room for us when we were sleeping."

♥Pg. 138
"'I do this funny thing sometimes,' he said, shooting me a mischievous grin. 'I open a book, and I look at each page. It's called reading.'"

♥Pg. 243
"'Thank you, darling. I was in New York and there he was one night, sitting across from me, telling some ridiculous story about recycling.'
  'It wasn't about recycling,' Otis chuckled to himself. 'But that's okay.'"

♥Pg. 270
"In School and out of School, I had believed that love was a liability-- something that could be wielded against you. I began to weep, finally knowing the truth: love was death's only adversary, the only thing powerful enough to combat its clawing, desperate grasps."

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