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Spoiler: Torment by Lauren Kate

This book is quite a surprise to read. I know that some people must read the first book and think, “Wow this is too much lovey dovey business for me! Where’s the action?” I can tell you that in this instalment there is certainly more action to be had. True, it is still a romance, and it doesn’t shy away from its origins, it just adds on. I loved that in this book Luce is actually discovering stuff about the angelic (and demonic) world. That she’s able to learn so much more about the “shadows”. That’s a huge stepping stone in this book. And she’s strong enough to start wanting to form her own opinion of her past, instead of always having to guess. I suppose now would be the time to go under the Characters heading before I get carried away.

♥Luce: I think she’s starting to realize that she shouldn’t always just believe what everyone is telling her, and that she has the right to decide things for herself. True in the past she’s been tied to Daniel, and true she probably loves him more than anything else, but that’s part of a pattern. What if there was more? Since this is her last life to live, as we’re guessing it must be since she wasn’t baptized meaning she won’t go through reincarnation again, she should be able to choose who she ends up with. As well, I know this might ruin some ideas for you, but I don’t think Daniel is the one who tips the balance between Heaven and Hell, I’m pretty sure it’s Luce. I don’t know what she is for sure, but I’m sure there is a chance that she is Nephilim. I was also happy to find that she started tracking down her old families, hopefully meeting some others would go better next time.
♥Daniel: I can’t say that I understand him nearly as much in this book. He tells Luce to stay away from him, only for a little while, but he is constantly going over to see her and stirring the pot. Why wouldn’t you just stay away. Seriously! As well, if someone started treating me like a 5 year old, you can bet your butt that I wouldn’t take it. She was right to argue with him, as he didn’t tell her any necessary information. I’m sorry but sometimes guys are morons…
Cam: I think he deserves mention. He must be trying to make Luce see that she shouldn’t just go with Heaven, the “good” side, that maybe the demons side isn’t so bad… that is if she is the one who will tip the scale.  He did a good thing protecting her and driving her back to the school, but you would think he at least would explain more to her.
Shelby:  Pretty awesome in the long run, I thought she was a brat in the beginning, but really she had her reasons. Couldn’t believe that she didn’t know that Phill was an Outsider, silly silly. I am happy that she’s trying to look after Luce though, even though she had a crush on Daniel once.
Miles: Option #3, I like him. Sweet, easy going, and obviously in love with Luce, but I can’t help but think that he’s too good to be true. Could he be working for a side, and just not  be telling her that. I like him, but I’m not sure if they could even work, guess we’ll see.
Steven: What was he is and how he acts, doesn’t seem to add up all the time. He seems more polite, kind even. He did try to help Luce find her past, that is before she took it too far. I wonder about him and Francesca relationship. How can they love each other day to day, knowing that at some point they will have to fight till the death?
Dawn and Jasmine: I know we all know the girls who are like this, but at least they’re really trying to be good friends to Luce. Oh, the life of the popular crowd.

♥Moments to Remember♥:
♥Pg. 39
“Jasmine smacked Dawn on the arm. ‘Did you just compare Luce’s unbridled passion to a hot flash?’”

♥Pg. 47
“’My family’s obsessed with me being at Shoreline. You should hear the pressure I get at home to date a ‘nice Nephilim girl for once’’”

♥Pg.  48
“’the way kids here look at me like I’m some legendary freak. Anonymous freak, I got used to. But notorious freak-‘”

♥Pg.  73
“’When you got close enough to see this party, I noticed everyone dancing,’ he said. ‘And I got a little jealous.’
 ‘Jealous?’ Luce asked. They were alone now. She threw her arms around his broad shoulders and looked deep into his violet eyes. ‘Why would you be jealous?’
 ‘Because,’ he said, rubbing his hands across her back. ‘Your dance card is full. For all eternity.’”

♥Pg.  104
“’Hell no, reincarnation is for freaks.’
 Luce frowned and dug her hands into the wet sand, wanting to bury herself in it.
 ‘Hello, that was a joke.’ Shelby nudged Luce playfully. ‘Tailored especially for the girl who’s had to go through puberty a thousand times.’ She grimaced. ‘Once was enough for me, thank you very much.’”

♥Pg.  118
“Cam was smoking a cigarette, humming to himself like he didn’t have a care in the world. Except that he was covered entirely in blood and gore.”

♥ Pg. 142
“”Are we breaking up?’ he asked, his voice weak and low.
 ‘Are we even together, Daniel?’”

♥Pg. 210
“You don’t look so good. I mean- you look great, that’s not what I meant. At all. I really like that dress. And your hair looks pretty. But you also look kind of’- he frowned- ‘down.’”

Final Line: “Always.” (Not the best one, I know.)

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