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Spoiler: Fallen by Lauren Kate

As mentioned above this book is a true romance, and although that is not my favourite kind of book to read I found that this one grew on me. I easily fell in love with the characters and without much difficulty was able to understand Luce’s perspective. I do feel like we missed out on so much information because the fact that Luce might hear it might kill her. That part also confuses me. Why would to much information do her in? That doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me. I do love the idea of good and evil and although more often than not I’m pulled towards the evil in a group, I have to say that Daniel managed to capture my heart. I guess I’m a sucker after all.


♥Luce: I might ruin this for those of you who haven’t figured this part out yet, but I’m pretty sure that Luce is a fallen angel or something of the sorts, it would make sense to me because that way if she was killed by Miss Sophia, then Daniel would have been able to win. I don’t know if that’s my twisted way of thinking or I just haven’t had enough caffeine this morning, but hey there’s an opinion. As well, I’m confused at why Trevor and Tom died. Trevor she tried to kiss while Tom she was trying to save and only had him by the hand. Dark magic??? It’s awful that she has a whole past with one man that she doesn’t remember, but hopefully we get to hear more about that in the coming books. Should be interesting.

♥Penn: I felt awful when Penn died. I half expected her to come back and go with Luce, but when she turned out to be mortal, sigh. Hopefully she gets the proper burial beside her father.

♥Arianne: I didn’t see this one being an angel, but I suppose that would make sense. She seemed a bit to punk, but I’m happy we’re breaking a stereotype here. I’m extremely curious about the scars on the back of her neck. How do you figure she got those.

♥Gabbe: I’m not all that surprised that Gabbe turned out to be an angel. In appearance she fits the stereotype. It also makes the hallway talk between her and Daniel make a lot more sense. I actually think that they might be related. I could be wrong though.

♥Daniel: It didn’t take long for me to fall for this guy. Obviously out of this worldly beautiful (see what I did there) and he seems like he’s a good guy all in all. I do wonder about his past that might come up in Luce’s memories. What could be so bad that she’d turn to Cam instead of Daniel? And how well to those two know each other? Have they been fighting over Luce for all of time, or has it only just begun? This is what I can’t over look. A handshake between these two must mean something more than just that.

♥Cam: I knew that he wasn’t a “good” guy, but I think there’s something in him that used to be good, but he hides now. I don’t believe he’s the devil itself, but then who is he really and how did he turn into who he is? How long has he been chasing after Luce? Suspicions.

♥Roland: I didn’t think this guy was evil at all. Seemed like the regular amount of bad boy no more no less and here he turns out to be on Cam’s side. What?!

♥Miss Sophia: Now if someone in a book tells a different character to trust someone, should we believe it? Doubtful! This goes horribly wrong in this story as Miss Sophia turns out to be bat shit crazy. I would hope that someone would catch her, Cam this might be your cue.



♥Moments to Remember:♥

♥Pg. 74

“A warm feeling came over Luce as she looked around the library. She’d always loved the faintly sweet musty way that only a roomful of books smelled. She took comfort in the soft occasional sound of turning pages.”


♥Pg. 154

“’If any of you have ever traced your own family tree,’ she called over the din of the crowd, ‘then you’ll know what sorts of treasures lie buried in the roots.’

 ‘Oh, jeez, please kill the metaphor,’ Pen whispered, ‘Or kill me. One or the other.’”


♥Pg. 275

“And Luce brought up the rear, considering what might happen if she were to give her parents her own personal tour of the cemetery.

 Here’s where I served my first detention…

 And here’s where a falling marble angel nearly decapitated me…

 And here’s where a reform school boy you’d never approve of took me on the strangest picnic of my life."


♥Pg. 370 
“’Roland.’ Luce turned to him. ‘I need to ask you something.’
 ‘Talk to me.’ He pulled a notepad and a pen out of his black-and-white pinstriped blazer. He held the pen poised over the paper, like a waiter taking an order. ‘What do you want? Coffee? Booze? I only get the hard stuff on Fridays. Dirty magazines?’”


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