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Spoiler: Red Glove by Holly Black

I was really impressed with how this second book played out. It was a sure step up from the first book. As readers we get to explore the world that the workers live in, and  exploring the characters. I loved that we got to see what Proposition 2 would really mean to the worker community. How law enforcement treats these people just because they were born a certain way. It almost reminded me of how people were treated before a genocide. And when Zacharov talks about how his father was raised and how the crime families started it makes me think that really that could happen to everyone. Its happened to people who feel like an underdog. Its an uprising that could really happen. People are scared of the unknown.

♥Character♥ :
♥Cassel: I feel that he really grew up in this book. He had to think about how to deal with his brothers death, high school, dealing with the Feds as well as a major crime boss, and his brother, Barron. I’d say he’s having quite the senior year. I feel like Phillip’s death was not only a huge surprise to him, but as well the fact that he’d been working with the Feds was another shock. I was surprised as well that Cassel went so far with Lila. I was disappointed that at the end she didn’t understand why he tried to rework her into feeling nothing for him, but now she just hates him. Damn it!  As well, I was surprised that he turned himself in, but what else was he gonna do? He was stuck, but it does make you wonder what Zacharov’s going to do about this whole situation.
♥Cassel’s Mother: She isn’t careful about who she works, she just does what she wants and doesn’t seem to care about if it gets her in trouble. Why would she work a famous politician into backing out of Proposition 2, his main point during a campaign. That looks more suspicious than you can ever guess it to be.
♥Sam: I was disappointed that Sam acted out so much when he found out what Daneca was a worker, I do understand that she should have told him, but how do you even tell someone that? It’s not really first date conversation, is it? But he didn’t shy away from Cassel, although he didn’t know that he had killed people (or helped kill them) before. Hopefully he and Daneca work things out and he continues to support Cassel.
♥Daneca: I didn’t see her being a worker. Especially not an emotional worker. But when you look back it does make sense. I wonder why she didn’t bring that up when Cassel came out.
♥Lila: Its awful that she was cursed to love someone. But I think that she liked Cassel to begin with and they could have made it work. I wish they would have just been together even though she was cursed, but no Cassel had to be the good guy and try to change things back.  Hopefully she doesn’t hate Cassel forever, and understands why he tried to change things back for her.
♥Barron: I can’t believe he figured it out, but I suppose that was bound to happen.
♥Maura: I do understand why she felt that she had to kill Phillip. It’s like being forced to get back into an abusive relationship. Really she was saving herself and Aaron. I wish her the best, but hopefully she doesn’t feel the need to come after Cassel.
♥The Feds: Are they workers? I don’t really know. The way they look at Barron and Cassel, I’d assume not but maybe they consider themselves good workers, instead of bad.
♥Zacharov: The way he explains how and why the crime families became who they are, actually makes sense to me. If you were treated horribly, would you want to go with the flow of a nation that abused you? Or would you fight back?

♥Moments to Remember♥:
♥Pg. 26
“’Whoa,’ I say, holding up my hand. ‘I want more detail. Like does this mean we have to make our own signs? How about ‘Worker Rights for Everyone Except People Who Don’t Need Them’ or ‘Legalize Death Work Today. Solve Overpopulation Tomorrow!’”

♥Pg. 29
“Seriously, this guy-one of the counsellors, I guess- makes it sound like in college they make you write all your essays in blood, your lab partners might shank you if you bring down their grade point averages, and evening classes last all night long. He clearly misses it.’”

♥Pg.  109
“’I’ve seen the way you look at her,’ Audrey says. ‘I know you, Cassel. So that brings me to asking you again- what are you doing?’
 ‘Screwing up,’ I say.
 ‘Good answer.’ She smiles a little, almost despite herself, and leans in to pat me on the cheek. ‘Stop it.’”

♥Pg. 116
“Doesn’t she know that muggers don’t wear ties?’
 I straighten my collar. ‘I’m a better class of criminal. A gentleman thief, if you will.’”

♥Pg.  123
“’You know how Mr. Knight is getting a little bit on the senile side? Like walking past the classroom and having to double back, or putting on his sweater over a winter coat?’
 I nod, although I haven’t had Mr. Knight for anything. I’ve just seen him in the halls. He looks like a typical ancient English professor- tweedy, with leather elbow pads and white nose hair.
 ‘Well, today he came into class, and not only had he forgotten to zip up after a trip to the bathroom, he forgot to tuck his junk back in.’”

♥Pg. 165
“She’s got on long silver earrings that dangle like daggers, and a white dress that rides up her thighs when she sits down. I try not to notice. Okay, I try not to stare, because that would make me crash the car and kill us both.”

♥Pg. 175
“’Besides, you know what’s creepier than walking around your dead brother’s apartment? Sitting alone in a hearse in front of his apartment.’”

Last Line: “After all, hell is supposed to be hot.”

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