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Spoiler: Fearless by Francine Pascal

I liked this book mainly because it featured a really strong female character. There’s nothing I like more than a female who isn’t afraid to take a stand, or to fight for what she believes in. And let’s face the fact that New York is a great setting for Gaia. Crime rates, and a charming setting compliments her character.

♥Gaia: Gaia is the ultimate main character. Literally fearless and out to make the world a better place made it not only an interesting story, but definitely something I’ve never read about before. I do like that she is naïve and inexperienced in the world of high school. It makes her more like the rest of us.  I do love that she’s just blunt with everyone.
Ed: I think it’s interesting that he goes after Gaia because she isn’t overly nice to him. Actually in the beginning she is straight up rude, but I can understand how he just wants to feel normal. I was surprised that he dated Heather, did not see that twist coming. I didn’t think he would be that superficial. But maybe his accident changed him. Hopefully he opens up about it later.
♥George: We don’t know much about him except that he was friends with her father, I do wonder how he became her house mate though. Why was she sent to him?
♥Ella: We have a bad a** over here. I knew she was a flirt for a reason but maybe she’s teaming up with Gaia’s father to train her in real world situations. My jaw was on the floor when she shot Marco, did not see that coming at all. She’s a character I’m interested in learning more about in the next book.
♥Sam: Ok he seems really dreamy, but also kind of a jerk. If you don’t feel something for the girl that your with, why are you still with her? I don’t think cheating is right and he has such strong feelings for Gaia, so it’s probably time to let Heather go, but the fact that she almost died a few days ago doesn’t quite set up a good setting for that kind of talk.
♥Heather: I think she’s a brat. She treats people like junk. I know that she had the right to mad at Gaia in the coffee shop, but at the party, the park and finally the hospital? She had no right to be so rude. The thing that got me is I imagine that she will bring up the fact that Gaia didn’t warn her for as long as she can.

♥Moments to Remember♥
♥Pg. 86
“Some friends of his from high school used to rate a girl’s attractiveness by what was known as the fire hose test. If the girl’s looks were all about makeup and hair and clothes, she’d look like crap if you shot a fire hose directly in her face from point-blank range. A genuinely pretty girl would still look good.”

♥Pg.  95
“’It’s a cool name ,’ she said.
‘You could marry me if you asked really nicely,’ he proposed.”

♥Final Line♥: “She was so tired of that girl.”

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