Tuesday, December 24, 2013

My Favorite Books from 2013

For those who read often, you know that I don't read many brand new books. But I thought I would make a list of books that I read this book year that I loved. 
So let's start this!
1. Street Pharm by Allison Van Diepen 
This book was written in 2006. See I told you, not a new book reader. This was an awesome novel filled with harsh realities and I found it so hard to put it down. I'd suggest it for teens everywhere really. 
2. You Against Me by Jenny Downham
I loved this book. The second book I'd ever read by Jenny Downham and I couldn't stop the feels. If you like the feels, read it!
3. Eve by Anna Carey
I didn't realize it was so long ago that I started this series and now I'm about to end it. I loved this book and was just getting into my YA apocalyptic book phase (it's continued for a while now).
4. Incarceron by Catherine Fisher
An amazing read for anyone who wants to sees a fantasy world and the future of all prisons. Seriously, fantastic.
5. If I Stay by Gayle Forman
Used a whole box of tissues for this one! Looking for a good thinking book?? This is a great one as long as you don't mind feeling the feels. 
6. Finale by Becca Fitzpatrick
The last book in the Hush, Hush series and one of the best last books I've read, especially since I'm usually the girl who hates to see a series. 
7. Looking for Alaska by John Green
First book I've ever read by John Green and certainly not the last.
8. Crank by Ellen Hopkins
This is one of those odd books that has a different way of writing and looking at it the first time I thought I would hate it and then BAM I zoomed through it in a week. Amazing!
9. The Breakup Bible by Melissa Kantor
This book helped me through a really tough time in my life and gave me hope for the future. A book for any girl going through a breakup. 
10. Stella Stands Alone by A. LaFaye
A great historical book about slavery that really hits readers hard.
11. Before I Go To Sleep by S.J Watson
A thriller, page turner. If you're bored in the afternoon this is a great one to pick it up. Warning adult content. 
12. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
One of my favorites books from 2013. A hard hitting message by a unique narrator. 
13. Ashes by Ilsa J. Bick
An amazing first book about the what ifs of the world ending. Action packed and twists and turns. 
14. Red Glove by Holly Black
This was the second book in the curseworkers series and it was when I really started to love the world Holly Black had created. It isn't really futuristic rather its a different dimension sort of deal.
15. The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson
I don't usually read adult books, but this one I couldn't pass up. I read it and got caught up in the story line, the characters and the mystery of it all! If you want a page turner, check it out.
16. Fallen in Love by Lauren Kate
I liked this book way better than any other of the Fallen books. It definitely gives an insight to all the characters while keeping it interesting. 
17. Until It Hurts to Stop by Jennifer R. Hubbard 
I actually won this book from goodreads, a give away put on by the author herself (shoutout). Anyways, it was moving, and teaches an amazing lesson. Anyone in middle school or high school should read it.
18. Rise by Anna Carey
I really loved this book! I just finished it this past month after reading the rest of the series. I would certainly reread them! Awesome! Check it out if you like post apocalyptic, sci-fi or fantasy. 

Thanks for reading and Merry Christmas
Sidny xoxo

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