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Spoiler: Once by Anna Carey

I have been meaning to do with review for a long time and tadah it’s finally happening! Once is the sequel to Eve by Anna Carey. I was happy to find that this book started out in Califia and that it didn’t stay there. It wasn’t a very exciting place it seems, though I would have liked to know more about the other escapees. It’s a pretty important spot and not one readers got to learn that much about. I did like reconnecting with some of the characters from the main book, and revisiting the school, it was a really touching part of the book. No lie, there were tears over here.

♥Eve: She’s grown out of her naïve, little girl phase and is starting to see how the world is now. I was so sad for her when she got to Califia and found out they planned on just trading her in anyways. What happened to human decency? Isn’t that what the trails about? I did think that the news she was the King’s daughter was horrifying news for her. After witnessing what happened to her peers because of him, being related to him would be horrifying, sickening really. My favourite part would have to be the moment of happiness with Caleb in that plane. There is nothing quite like falling asleep with someone you love there beside you. In the end, I think that she’ll be a great help to the resistance if she can be a good enough actress to sneak past her fathers eyes.
♥Arden: I love her, she has spunk and even though she barely made it to Califia she was ready to fight again for Eve and she did, the best she possibly could. Sad times where had when I read that they took her back to the school and put her in the birthing program (that makes it sound so scientific, but wasn’t sure how else to say it). She should have been brought to the city as well. She would have made waves. Not to mention she lost the first thing she’s loved since well ever as far as we are to know. Poor Heddy.
The King: I don’t understand how he’s still in power. I imagine mainly because these people just want something to believe in and he’s there, telling them everything will be ok, like a mother after a bad dream. All in all, the Outlands in his great city sound worse than the outside, but people aren’t allowed out so how would they know if things have gotten better since the last time they were outside. The fact that he just explains away the schools and the labour camps is another thing. Jerk!
♥Caleb: He is such a sweetheart. He believe in true love, that much is obvious. I don’t think that he is really dead, but it’s possible. The New America is filled with violence. So why not kill off anyone who gets in the way.
♥Ruby and Pip: We didn’t really know them all that well, but as readers our hearts go out to them all the same. Being used and abused is no way to live, but they have no choice, they are imprisoned. Hopefully they escape with Arden.
Charles: He doesn’t seem like a bad person, but I wonder if the only reason he’s marrying her is for the power trip. Could you blame him? King is a pretty good title and everyone else here seems to be greedy and just go for what they want so why not join the club. Hopefully things go according to plan.
♥Moss: This was a big shock for me. I just sat there and reread the sentence over and over! Great job Anna Carey. I do hope this character knows what he’s doing and doesn’t screw everything up. There is too much on the line for that.
♥Beatrice: Hopefully she finds her daughter, but I have a feeling that the King will not let that happen.

Moment to Remember
♥Pg. 160
“’It wasn’t a date,’ I said, an edge to my voice. I remembered that term from School; the Teachers had referred to it as part of the courtship period. They told us men sometimes acted like gentleman before revealing their true intentions.”

♥Final Line: “The ceremony was about to begin.”

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