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Spoiler: Rise by Anna Carey

Thank goodness I get to write a spoiler for this book! I just had so much trouble keeping out spoilers in the book review. Ahh! Sorry for the craziness. So anyways, I big thank you to Anna Carey for writing such awesome books, this series has been amazing and I’m sorry to have it end so soon.  But oh what an ending it was! I loved the whole idea of this book. The last book that ended, ended on such a suspenseful note. And this book just answered so many questions from the past. Especially just in the idea of the setting changing and our main character growing up so much. Not so much in age, but maturity.

♥Eve: Mentioned above how much Eve has changed. She has finally come into her own and started to realize just how much of what the School taught her is a lie and that you can’t just go all willy nilly (ya I used it) trusting everyone. Especially in such hard times. My heart broke when I read that she was pregnant (guess that confirms exactly what her and Caleb got up to in that plane). I think it was one of those moments where anyone whose gotten into this series freaked the frick out. I didn’t think she would actually kill The King but when she finally did. Woah I was stunned, whoever makes the excuse that pregnant women shouldn’t do this or that in their condition should read some of this book. A great main character.
♥Charles: I think he is a really important character to include. In Once I thought he was just a rude rich boy, but he turned out to be more than that. Although by the end I think he realized that him and Eve would never be a happy couple that didn’t mean they couldn’t be friends. He also protected her multiple times. First with her pregnancy and then when she was caught with Moss. I guess you could say he grew on me.
♥The King: This guy has some major issues. Maybe the fact that he thinks he is saving all these people has gone to his head, but he deserved what he got. He might have loved Eve’s mother, but he didn’t have a good way of showing that love. He also seemed to feel the need to have things sent back to a different time. A time way before the plague when there were the many classes. Hopefully things run better now.
♥Clara: Another character that grew on me. She didn’t turn out to be stuck up, more stuck in a position she didn’t want to be in. I can’t imagine having your childhood sweetheart ripped from you and given to your cousin who just arrived from the wild. That thought really helped me understand some of her past character traits. But by the time they hit the dugout, she’s just another victim of the King in my eyes.
Beatrice: A sweet lady who helped Eve so much. Although she was the reason that Caleb got caught originally. I loved her and think that she would make a good mother to the girls from the School who know nothing but Teachers. Nothing of love.
♥Pip: I cried when she died. It was just another person that didn’t need to die at the kings hand. Indirectly sure, but still his fault none the less. And to have to spend her last days feeling like she wasn’t good enough for anything other than breeding… She deserved so much more.
♥Ruby: I think that she will be a good mother, although she didn’t have a choice about becoming one. She seems more the mothering type than Pip. You can see that in the way that she cares for Benny and Silas.
Moss: I didn’t see his death coming, but it was a necessary plot twist for sure.
♥Arden: I can see her being an awesome, kick-a** rebel leader, not sure if the role of president will be quite right for her, but who knows. She certainly would have a fresh take on things.
Caleb: I knew he couldn’t be dead! Ha!

♥Moment to Remember♥
♥Pg. 225
“I’d read when you missed someone you became them, that you did things to fill the space they’d left you so you wouldn’t feel so alone.”

Final Line: “‘I’m his wife.’”

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