Friday, July 29, 2016

Spoiler: The Haven by Carol Lynch Williams

I found that this book was interesting in premise but didn't follow through with the way it was written. I wasn't ok with how like The Island this was. I also wasn't ok with the use of characters or the lack of knowledge about the outside world. Although we know some things about the world based on the internet I just felt no connection to anything. I was interested in the idea of clones, but just disappointed. I did enjoy the slight things throughout the book based on literature and the learning that the Terminals have about things of the Whole. I also thought that that was an interesting premise. Ps what's in the Tonic????

Shiloh: She's so strung out on the Tonic that I couldn't relate to her, but I thought it was really interesting how she observed the Terminals after. How she noticed things around her and the way they were being used. Also that she had an out of body experience.

Gideon: I found him hard to trust near the end especially because I found that he was too close with Dr. King.  I also think that it was weird how he stepped away with Ann. I was confused. 

Abigail: She's so strong and I wonder what happens to her.

Daniel: Screw you!

Dr. King: And also you! I understand that he has a God complex. It's scary to think that this could happen and that he honestly seemed to think that he was doing the right thing. I wish that I didn't think it was a possibility, but....

Final Line: "She opened her arms to me."

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