Saturday, July 2, 2016

Spoiler: The Selection by Kiera Cass

As I mentioned in the review I was questioning whether or not to pick up this book when I bought it. This series had wrapped up earlier this year and everyone was talking about it. I was wondering whether it would be to filled with romance, but I found that Kiera Cass tells this story with flow and a sense of humor that bode well with the dramatics in this story. The universe in which this story line takes place is in a post America setting in a country called Illea which is ruled by a king and queen. The country is also filled with castes or as I like to call them levels 1-8. The first one being royalty, the last being the homeless and other jobs in between. Those below a level 4 have a difficult life, but those in the high end either don't realise their blessing or don't care too. It follows America SInger who is a five, in love with a six. She is a musician and her family barely has the money as artists to make it by. Aspen, a six is a labourer or servant for anyone who is willing. After applying for the Selection to be 1 of 35 to marry the prince America is selected (which is deemed unlikely). After this she is swept into a world of jewels, glamour and riches beyond her imagination.
I thought the world was quite well thought out. It showed the country's history without doing it in a strictly fact way. It shows it through conversation throughout the book which was a perfect amount for me.
I also found the characters astounding. So full of life that I was able to picture them perfectly.

America: She is so sweet and smart. She is willing to stay when she is so unsure and is the strongest during the rebel attacks. I also found that she really is dynamic. Although she gets angry as any other character she is filled with humour and so many emotions that are perfectly placed. I think that she would make a great princess but in reality it has to be something she wants. I hope that she leaves Aspen, because he's a sack of garbage in my oh so humble opinion. That being said I would understand if she doesn't because of how much he has meant to her. I think that she deserves to be happy and may have done a tiny cheer when she said she wasn't picking one of the men, she was picking herself. I thought that was beautiful. I'm excited to see what happens next now that she is Elite.

Aspen: I think he's a real jerk, but I guess we all make mistakes. It's hard to forget your first love, but I do wonder if he's using America. It makes me worry for her but if he's not it makes sense that they may get together. If he is honest and not with other girls that's awesome. 

Maxon: I like him but why Celeste. I know he explains it but still she's such a brat. I hate her. I think that he makes America happy without trying and they share more than a physical connection. He is smart and cares deeply for his people which helps to make a good king. I'm excited to see what else will happen in his quest for a wife.

Marlee: I wonder what she doesn't want to go back to. I was sad to see her break down about her connection with Maxon, but I also understand why she was so upset.

May: Reminded me so much of my younger sister.

Celeste: Spoiled brat, I hope she gets kicked to the curb because it's so unsatisfying that she's still there. Urgh. I hope that Maxon eventually can see through her. 

Moments to Remember:
Please note I read this while on a road trip so none of them got marked. But still fantastic writing.

Final Line: "I pulled back the covers and leaped into the morning."

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