Sunday, December 18, 2016

Spoiler: Tiny Pretty Things by Sona Charaipotra and Dhonielle Clayton

So if you haven't read this book I would highly suggest that you read the review rather than this spoiler. I read this book and didn't think that it would be a mystery and then boom it hits. I loved the idea of the ugly side being shown even more than the beauty of ballet. Seeing what someone would do for their passion. I really thought that it was interesting to see the three different takes. I thought that this story was important to read. It was definitely a thriller. I still don't know who the fuck did what. I know about what Bette admitted to doing, but what about the rest? Did Eleanor do that?

Gigi: I loved her from the start. She was unique and different and driven. She was able to put her passion first even above her bodily demands. Although that was a fear the whole time I read the book,  I thought it added an interesting idea to the ballet.  I don't blame her for starting to loose it but I can only hope that she'll be ok. I can't wait to see if she'll make an appearance in the next book.

Bette: I thought that she was pure evil when I started reading the series and she is not the nicest girl, but she is in the gray zone for sure. Her upbringing and her life hasn't always been as easy as it may look. That doesn't make up for the horrible things she did or the way she acted. But did she do it? What all did she do?

June: Seeing someone struggle so hard with their bodies felt crazy to me. But the more I read from her perspective the more it made sense. It was her therapy. It's how she coped with the stress, just like Bette with her pills. I wonder if she did it? To gain the light? To be the best? Two birds one stone? I don't know.

Alec:  I thought that he was a bit to nice to each prima. Is that what he wants? To be with the star? I was impressed by how he helped her with her foot, but what is he going to do now that she may never dance again. What now? Was he in cahoots with Bette? Ugh I'm lost.

Henri: I think he pushed her. But I think that everyone pushed her, though, so not reliable. But would he do what they did to Cassie? How does he even feel about Cassie? Shit who is this guy?

Eleanor: I think that she's in cahoots with Henri. The way there were caught that one time. Shoot.

Liz: The idea that she felt the need to be continually thinner. That it would help her in all aspects. The idea that she had no one who would help her hurts me.

Will: He's gotta be in on it right? Like Henri might be using him now.

Cassie: How will she coming back affect everything.

Mr K: He's a little bit of a sick freak isn't he? The idea that he would fool with younger girls makes me so totally uncomfortable.

Sen-Jin: What an evil word that I refuse to type on the internet. Even if she's not gay or bi, why would she be such a jerk to June?

Jahye:  I wonder what the heck they're going to do together next. Will he break up with Sen-Jin, and get together with June? Or naw. I thought that he might just be around to make her eat based on her mother's demands.. thoughts?

Moments to Remember:
Final Line: "My spotlight."

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