Saturday, December 10, 2016

Spoiler: Gemina by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

So this is the second book in the Illuminae Files series and I can finally understand what everyone has been talking about. I'd heard alot of things about this second book but mostly it was a companion novel type series. That I shouldn't expect the same characters and then wham! The authors hit me with multiple huge surprises. To start, I love the new characters they are incredible to read about. I thought that the continuation of the mixed media writing helps to tell this story even more. I also thought that it was interesting to see another type of ship in this world and a different life style. It made logical sense to follow up the first book with this one at Heimdall. 

Hanna: I thought that it was such a different character to read from, other than Kady or Ezra. While in the first book they were badass in different ways. Hanna is physically bad ass. She was able to sort through the chaos that was happening to her and fight for those around her. I also thought that her media was helpful because of her journal entries. I can't wait to see where her story continues especially after the deaths she witnessed.

Nik: Nothing says unique quite like a space drug dealer. He was unique and in the end soft hearted. To see what he did for his brother and the crap he dealt with growing up. I do wonder how he turned out the way he did with his childhood. I thought his flirtation was cute and fun to get the story started.

Ella: I'm excited to see what happens with her and Kady on a team together. The two tech geniuses working together. I'm interested in knowing more about The House of Knives and how it started. She takes no shit and I can appreciate that.

Jackson: This little piece of work threw me for a loop. I didn't expect him to be the rapier. I thought that he would die and naturally Hanna would move onto Nik who she liked more anyways. Clearly. That way it wouldn't be cheating. But instead, he has to be a jerk who was playing with a girls feeling. I do hope that his death was slow and painful after all the things he put the station through.

Chief Grant: Did he get to see his daughter again? I sure hope so.

Falk: A villain who always smiles, even while killing is someone to be frightened off. I thought the way this character spoke was completely unique and kind of gave me a creep.

Kady: Yay. This girl is back!!! Awe hell yeah.

Aiden: I missed it/him. And his crazy ways. I'm excited to see what happens with him as well now that he has more power at his disposal. I thought that he might even out, but he's perfect. 

Leanne: The best kind of villain is the one who is at the top. Their pure evil without showing it. So what else did she do with her company and all this power? Who else will she punish? 

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