Monday, May 8, 2017

Spoiler: Replica by Lauren Oliver

So I have a few thoughts about this book. One being that it took way to long to get to the point. I thought it was interesting and while it ended leaving questions, I don't feel the need to continue on with the series. I found parts of the story to be unnecessary, such as the love interests of both of our main characters, the use of harmful feelings felt by Gemma about her weight and the lengthy period in the beginning where Gemma's point of view happened. I really think this book would have been better off to switch perspectives. As I mentioned in the review I will not be continuing on with this story. To elaborate I think that Gemma and Lyra didn't necessarily need love interests to feel complete throughout the story. Isn't it nice just to have someone? I also thought that the way Gemma described herself was uncomfortable to read. I can't change the way someone might feel about themselves but it seemed like she truly thought nothing good about herself. 

Gemma: I thought that her character was overall either boring or harmful to think about. I understood her curiosity but it was just overall underwhelming to hear that she was a clone and watch her fall in love with Pete. 

Lyra: While I don't plan on continuing on with the series if at some point I changed my mind I would think it would only be for Lyra's point of view. Her life holds so much mystery and what will happen to her... nobody knows. Also did not need to fall in love to be happy and feel safe... I just think it's a poor message to send to young adults.

Pete: He's sweet.... he dealt with the madness well overall. 

Jake: Sad to see him go, kinda saw it coming though. Wish his death had escalated the story a little more. 

Caelum: I'm curious about his experiences in Haven and why he was so sure no doctor could ever be good. 

April: "Leave" but don't actually go! Ugh so frustrating.

Gemma's Mom and Dad: Did they think she would never find out about her past? It was bound to happen sooner or later.

Dr. O'Donnel: Curious what happened to her, but not enough to carry on.

Nurse Em: What people do when they're in love... ugh.

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