Thursday, February 9, 2012

Spoiler: The Big Burn by Jeanette Ingold

I enjoyed this book all in all. I loved the different view points that were told. My favourite I must say was Lizbeth mostly because she was a stubborn girl in hard times who wasn't afraid to say what she thought! I'd like to think of myself like that. :D
Let's talk some characters:

Jarrett: He is really young, I had trouble picturing him fighting fires but I loved the way he didn't take lip from his pop. He was always trying to help everyone else before himself and he was oddly intrigued by fire. It just did something for him. I'm so happy that Lizbeth and him ended up together. I knew it !

Samuel: Jarrett's brother. You'd think he's kind of a party pooper, but he was a good ranger. He did his job well. I loved his "Wife Wanted" poster! It made me giggle. I really could tell that he cared about his brother and the fact that he treated him so well showed alot of his character. I'm happy that he and Celia got together! PERFECT!

Lizbeth: Like I said before a very strong girl in times when women were not even considered people. She stayed true to her aunt but wasn't afraid to tell her when she was wrong. She really loved the land and I could have seen her on that homestead forever.

Celia: Lizbeth's aunt and guardian who is very stubborn and set in her ways. I feel sorry about her husband but I think that she made the best out of her situation.

Seth: He seemed like a good man until he got to know Abel. Abel was just trouble. Seth turned out to be a good soldier and unlike Abel he had a gut feeling that told him whether what he did was right or wrong. he was a good soul. I could see him one day leading troops.

Favourite/Memorable Lines and Moments:

♥Pg. 21
" 'The day you grow up,' Pop said, his eyes glittering with anger, 'you're going to realize a good job with the railroad is something to be proud of.'
'When I grow up,' Jarrett said, 'I'll find something more worthwhile to do than walk up and down passenger cars lighting lanterns and keeping order.'
Pop stiffened. 'Leave, then. You think you can find something more important to do with your life, go do it. But when you fall on your face, don't come back here.' "

♥Pg. 28
"Two facts- a fire can't start without heat, and a fire can't keep going without oxygen and fuel- are all any firefighter has to work with. Those, and a harbored respect for the capricious life inside flame."

♥Pg. 38
" 'You hungry? Thirsty?'
'Not really,' Jarrett answered, beginning to wish he hadn't come here. 'Thanks anyway.' This man really was a stranger. 'I just stopped by... I men. I'm my way up to Wallace...'
Samuel's eyes flickered amusement. 'And you don't have time for a cup of coffee?' "

♥Pg. 49
" 'You ask me, Idaho ought to pass a law against fools.' "

♥Pg. 83
" 'You still got work?'
A smile flitted across Mr. Polson's face. 'Some. You know where we can hire an army?' "

♥Pg. 101
" 'Doens't he lieve with you?'
'Oh no,' the ranger answered. 'At least, I don't think so.'
Driving away, Lizbeth said, 'Cel, how could he not know if Jarrett lives with him?'
Celia shook her head. 'I've no idea. No idea at all.' " ♥Pg. 114
" 'Girls do that, talk everything to death and then expect you to think about what they said. That's the reason I ain't never married. All that thinking females require makes my head ache.' "

♥Pg. 130
" 'While your washing, I'll sew your shirt where it's ripped.'
'No need,' he said, looking embarrassed. 'I can do it later.'
Probably thinks neither of us has ever seen a man's chest! Mrs. Marston thought.
'Lizbeth, go wait in the front room,' she ordered. 'Jarrett, take that shirt off and hand it over. I sew a straighter seem than she does anyway.' "

♥Pg. 132
" 'You tell her there's no place worth dying for.'
Lizbeth didn't want to argue, so she kept silent.
'You don't agree?'
"i guess it depends on the place,' Lizbeth finally answered. 'I don't want anybody to die, not us and not any of the firefighters...' She shot Jarrett a quick look. 'But maybe some places are wotheth taking risks for.' "
Mrs. Marston humphed, her breath exploding out her nose.
'Risks! If you plan to live to my age, you better think that out again, young lady.' "

♥Pg. 202
"Official counts would put a death toll from the blowup at about eighty-seven, but that's a number based on bodies found and people known to be lost. Certainly a true count would be higher. "

♥Pg. 227
" 'And, Lizbeth, as far as your young man goes- I hear firefighters are pouring into Avery. Chances are Jarrett's safe among them.'
Lizbeth felt herself blush. 'I don't think he's my young man,' she said.
'You might now,' Mr. Polson told her. 'But he does.' "

♥Pg. 274
" 'We didn't know where you were, and then first one place and then another seemed the wrong place to be, and...' She broke off. 'Where have you been?'
'In a town! And you couldn't let your brother know you weren't dead? Haven't you ever heard of telegrams?'
'Well, yeah,' Jarrett said, 'but...'
A man interrupted. 'Lad, just kiss her and say you're sorry.'
And Jarrett astounded himself by doing just that.
Quick though the kiss was, the crowd at the storefront laughed and applauded."

Thanks for reading everyone, have a good night/day w/e it is where you are.

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