Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Kate's Choice: The Silver Child by Cliff McNish

"Six children leave the comfort of their homes fr Coldharbour, an eerie wasteland of wind, rats, seagulls and rubbish tips. Emily and Freda, the insect-like twins, find Thomas half-starving on a food tip. They discover Walter, the giant boy, his hands buried in the ashes of a fire. Helen reaches Coldharbour at the height of a furious storm.
Together they seek out Milo- the sixth child- whose skin is hot and bright with silver."

Kate's Rating: 9/10

1) Did you enjoy this book? Why and why not? What would you improve?
♥Yes, I did enjoy it. I like how the chapters are different points of view.

2) What was your favourite parts of this book?
♥Setting, characters, story line, description and point of view

3)What is your favourite character and why?
♥ I like Helen because of her power.

4) What was your favourite part?
♥When they found Walter!

5) What was your least favourite part?
♥When Thomas dumps Milo in the river.

6) Was this different from other books you've read? Why or why not?
♥Yes this book was more exciting.

7) Are you planning on reading the other books in this trilogy?

8) Why did you pick this book?
♥The description on the back caught my attention.

9) Who would you recommend it to?
♥Anyone over 10 year old

10) If you had a chance to meet Cliff McNish, what would you say to him?
♥I would ask about other books he has written.

As for me, Sidny, I enjoyed this book as well. I found the ending especially captivating!
Hope you have a good day,
Sidny and Kate♥♪♫

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