Monday, February 20, 2012

Spoiler: Sometimes It Happens by Lauren Barnholdt

As I said in the book review, I'm really into chicklits right now. I really enjoyed this book, mostly because of the way that the chapters are set up. I love how Lauren Barnholdt put one chapter in the present and one in the past. I just couldn't put it down for the life of me. I had an image of this happening in my head. I just noticed that the last 2 books I've read have had dinners and a chicklit thing.. odd.
Anyways, the setting did not play a big role to me. Except that the high school was smallish.
Characters played a major part in this book. So let's see who we've got...

Hannah: I loved her. She seemed like such a regular teenage girl, super relatable (Even if you've never cheated on someone.) She didn't mean to hurt Ava or anyone else but she got carried away. It wasn't all her fault either. Noah played a role in it. I think they were meant to be and I just wish that Noah and Ava would have broken up sooner.

Noah: Ok, a totally gorgeous (in my head) and loving man! Why do authors do this to us? Because it keeps us interested, I suppose. I think that Noah and Hannah were meant to be but they should have never cheated on Ava. He makes me laugh though. He reminds me of a friend I've got.

Ava: I don't think that she was really comfortable with Noah, she just pretended that she was because that's what everyone expected. She just left him there when her best friend was in heart break. That was kinda asking for a disaster. I wish that she would have stayed, but she didn't. I doubt that Ava and Hanah will ever be good friends again.

Lacey: She's just so sweet and kinda ridiculous. She's a total germaphobe and super cute! I hope that Lacey and Hannah continue being friends. I'm happy she became friends with Danielle again in some ways.

Sebastion: He is a fibbing, full of it, liar. He said that he only cheated one time, and if it had been true he and Hannah would have gotten back together. To bad it was a total lie!

Favorite/Memorable Lines and Moments:

♥Pg. 2
"She knows nothing of the fact that my best friend Ava is coming back today, that everything is different, and that everything is horrible. That I'm going to see Noah, that I'm going to see Sebastian, that I'm going to end up in a mental institution by the end of the day. Although, a mental institution might actually be preferable to going to school, so that might not be such a bad thing, now that I think about it."

♥Pg. 10
"I've just cleaned out my locker, and it weighs about a bazillion pounds. Seriously, I'm kind of afraid the strap is going to break. How have I accumulated so much stuff in just ten months? They should totally make a new show on A&E Hoarders: 'Locker Edition.' "

♥Pg. 10
" 'Goodbye, locker,' she says. 'Goodbye, hallways. Goodbye, school!' She grabs me and twirls me around the hall. 'We'll miss you! And when we see you again, we'll be SENIORS BITCHES!' "

♥Pg. 38
"Damn that Jessica Conrad! I should have known better than to trust her- she pushed meoff the swings once in third grade."

♥Pg. 43
"I'll stay away from Facebook, my phone, and all other communication devices. Like my instant messenger and my front door. (A front door is totally a communication device! What if he decides to show up? YOu know, to communicate.)"

♥Pg. 57
" I roll my eyes, like it's completely ridiculous that a vending machine wouldn't take twenties. When you think about it, it kind of is. I could totally spend twenty dollars in a vending machine."

♥Pg. 91
" I've had a good day, a busy day, a day where I made a lot of money (one hundred and fifty dollars, which is not a lot of money to some people, but its definitely a lot of money to someone whose bank balance is two dollars and sixty-three cents, aka me) and felt like I was actually doing something instead of being completely unproductive and consuming my weight in ice cream. (Which, let's be honest, was only going to get harder and harder as my weight went up.) "

♥Pg. 109
" 'What about the Jonas Brothers?Does the fact that you listen to them have anything to do with your knowledge of ice cream?'
'I don't listen to the Jonas Brothers!' This one, I definitely have to lie about. Lady Gaga is one thing, but Joe, Kevin and Nick are another altogether. 'And even if I did, they're very popular with the kids. And they wear purity rings.'
'My ten-year-old cousin thinks the Jonas Brothers are over.'
'All right, smart ass,' I say. 'What should I be listening to?' "

♥Pg. 130
" 'Complete too,' Noah agrees, 'His jeans are so tight hs balls are probably going to be rendered useless.' "

♥Pg. 192
"How can everything go from being completely ok to completely and totally fucked within the span of a few months?"

♥Pg. 228
"Noah looks at Sebastion. Sebastion looks at NOah. Noah looks at me. I look at Noah."

♥Pg. 239
" 'Hannah are you.. Are you crying?' Lacey asks, peering closely at my face.
'No,' I say, even though I kind of am. 'Well, sort of. God, I must be getting my period or something.' "

♥Pg. 257
"because the truth is, Noah and I aren't friends. You can't be friends with someone who makes you feel the way Noah makes me feel, you can't be friends with someone who makes your head all cloudy when he give you his sweatshirt, you can't be friends with someone who shows up at your house at one a.m. for a mysterious reason, and you can't be friends with someone who tells you about their screenplay which nobody else knows about. But you also can't be more than friends with your best friend's boyfriend."

Thanks for reading folks. Have a good one :D

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