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Spoiler: Love and Peaches by Jodi Lynn Anderson

Hey Everyone! It's fairly late, so sorry if my writing is not up to par. I'll try my best though! :D
I really loved this series and I felt like a three books was the perfect amount to tell the "peaches" stories perfectly. I have fallen in love with the orchard, the people and the drama. This books have touched my soul and I love that they have drama without getting to catty. So let's talk about some characters, folks....

Murphy: In this book she's still as lippy as ever but I think through the series we have seen through the walls that she creates. I cried for her and Rex. I was kinda mad that they had broken up, but I guess it was for the better because in the end... they got ... MARRIED! YAY!

Leeda: I'm so happy for her in this book! She finds things that make her happy, and not just everyone else happy. I can understand her love for animals. They are precious bursts of life! Thank god for her grandma leaving her the ponies. And mentioning her grandmom, I can't believe that she was in love with another woman, not that there is anything wrong with that, but Leeda's family seems so proper it is hard to imagine. I'm also happy for her and Grey!

Birdie: I was shocked when I read that she left Enrico and didn't marry him. I thought they were meant to be... but people change that's the way it is. I think that in this book she found her way, things she loved. She was also held down by the orchard, I don't think she realized it though. I guess letting go and finding yourself are both parts of growing up.

Rex: Still amazing! Not going to lie. I wish he would have just admitted that he wanted her as more than a friend before he left with his dad.

Eric: This guy seemed WAY to perfect! I thought certainly he must be cheating or have some big secret or something, but nope, I guess not.

Grey: Oh my gosh! He is AMAZING! Would die for a guy like this to appear in my life. I love how he is exactly the opposite of Leeda and how he's the opposite of what she wanted and they just clicked! Woot!

Favorite/Memorable Line and Moments:

♥Pg. 5
" 'You'll be batting off all those southern boys,' he said, grinning up at her and also looking the tiniest bit worried.
Leeda rolled her eyes. 'Yeah, you know how I'm into guys who drive tractors and drink Bud Light,' she said."

♥Pg. 14
" 'Birdie,' Enrico said very earnestly, 'I want to marry you.' "

♥Pg. 21
"Leeda could afford to fly home. But instead she'd opted to sit with Murphy through a fourteen-hour bus ride. Murphy felt badly that she hadn't thanked her yet.
'I hope you and that guy don't get married,' she said instead, because seh wasn't great at thank-yous.

♥Pg. 31
" Murphy and her mom had lived in Anthill Acres all Murphy's life, and her mom had lived in Bridgewater since dinosaurs had roamed the earth."

♥Pg. 43
"Murphy looked at her quizzically. 'Hey, how was the will reading?'
Leeda sighed, still staring at the trees. 'I inherited the ponies.'
Murphy let out a guffaw. 'The minis? The My Little Ponys?'
'And half a million dollars.'
Murphy stopped mid-guffaw."

♥Pg. 44
" 'I'm a dead body,' she said.
Leeda knellednext her, feeling her pulse.
'What killed you?' "

♥Pg. 56
"Leeda wasn't an animal person. The closest she had ever come to having pets was when she'd hung out with Birdie's dogs, and then she'd accidentally run over one of them. She had ridden one of Grandmom Eugenie's ponies at her seventh birthday party, but it had eaten the pink ribbon from her dreass and had died of intestinal blockage."

♥Pg. 86
"Leeda frowned. 'The ponies just stare at me. Like they know about that time the one pony ate my ribbon and died. I think they hate me.'
'I don't think ponies kow how to hate,' Murphy offered ironically. 'Especially miniature ponies. I think miniature ponies only think about rainbows.' "

♥Pg. 114

♥Pg. 133
"Some people can predict wheather it's going to rain or sense when something bad is going to happen. Murphy had a sixth sense about people hitting on her."

♥Pg. 151
" 'Can I name one of the kittens Captain Catpants?' Birdie gushed excitedly."

♥Pg. 181
" 'Don't be sorry. If you're sorry, change it. Say something. Tell me the truth.'
Judge Abbot looked thoughtfully at her, long and hard. 'I can't. I really am sorry.'
'Sorry is for chumps,' she said. 'You're just a chump.' "

♥Pg. 230
" 'I want to take care of animals. Like a shelter.' Ledda tossed her leaf and folded her hands on the back of the bench, turning to face Birdie. 'I know that sounds crazy. Like I'm eleven. Like I want to ride unicorns and have a room painted in rainbows and take care of all the homeless animals. But it's really what I want. I want to be helpful in a tiny way.' "

♥Pg. 234
" 'Thanks for beating up my dad, by the way.'
'Yeah, usually it's the other way around after you've seen somebody's daughter naked.' "

I hope that you all have a great night/day whenever your reading this and read this amazing series! Goodnight

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