Thursday, February 16, 2012

Spoiler: Keeping The Moon by Sarah Dessen

I really enjoyed this book. It was kinda fun and easy going. I loved how Colby was, with the quik stop, my town has one, it was amusing. I also could understand the small town gossip. That is a sucky part of small towns.
The characters were amazing and I felt alot like Colie. She had very low self esteem and I could understand that. When you are teased for so long it's hard to see who you really are and not what they say.
I love garage sales so what Norman and Mira bought made me laugh hysterically, maybe it wasn't that funny but to me I could picture some of the people I hang out with buying some of this stuff.
Let's talk about some characters:

Colie: She seems like a really awesome person who pushes everyone away because she's afraid. I think that this summer changed everything, for the better. She found herself and saw beyond all the gossip. She learned to stick up for and be true to herself. She seems like someone I would be friends with. I wish this book didn't focus so much on weight in someways. I feel that now a days, the pressure to be perfect is huge, but this book didn't over do it. It just showed that losing a ton of weight won't necessarily make you happier.

Mira: She's a little strange, but this trait makes for a wonderful all around character. She doesn't need to fit in, she's happy with who she is and no one can take that from her. I admire that! I think she honestly feels sorry for the people in the town more than for herself. That amazes me.

Morgan: She was so nice, and a lovely friend to Colie in her times of need. I can see them spending every summer together after, with Isabel of course. I hate her boyfriend, I don't even want to mention his name, he was a total dick and didn't deserve to have someone so amazing.

Isabel: She seemed like a total snot, but really she was wary of other people, I think... don't you? She helped out Colie even more than Morgan and showed her what matter was how she thought on the inside, way more than on the outside.

Norman: Ok, you are so cute fictional Norman! I thought he was kinda weird at the beginning, but it turned out to be a cute weird. I believe that he loved Colie from the beginning! His paintings seem amazing and the way that they are described I can picture them in my mind. To bad he's dad is horrible!

Favorite/Memorable Lines and Moments:

♥Pg. 1
"My name is Nicole Sparks. Welcome to the first day of the worst summer of my life."

♥Pg. 34
"The one thing I clearly remembered about visiting her were the doughnuts she'd made out of Pillsbury biscuit dough, friend and rolled in cinnamon and sugar."

♥Pg. 39
" 'I saw Bea Williamson this morning,' he said in a low voice. 'Lurking about looking for cut glass.'
'Oh, of course,' Mira said with a sigh. 'Did she have it with her?'
Norman nodded solemnly. 'Yep. I swear, I think it's almost gotten... bigger.'
Mira shook her head. 'Not possible.'
'I'm serious,' Norman said. 'It's way big.'
I kept waiting for someone to expand on this but since neither of them seemed about to, I asked. 'What are you talking about?'
They looked at each other. Then, Mira took a deep breath. 'Bea Williamson's baby,' she said quietly, as if someone could hear us, 'has the biggest head you have ever seen.' "

♥Pg. 41
"Norman opened the glove compartment, and aboutsix pairs of sunglasses fell out, all different kinds: Ray-Bans, purple framed old-lady glasses, wraparound seventies styles."

♥Pg. 48
" 'Mayonnaise,' Morgan said, 'is alot like men.' "

♥Pg. 57
"I'd been called fat and easy, slut and whore, Hole in One. So I didn't mind being ignored. For so long, it had been all I wanted."

♥Pg. 67
" 'But the worst part was she talked the mailman, Mr. Rooter -- who was about seventy, even then -- into modeling for the class.'
I looked up at this.
'Nude modeling,' she added, doing another filter. 'Apparently, it was quite horrifying. I mean, my mother never really recovered. She said she could never look at the mail the same way again.' "

" 'And she runs every morning.' Isabel came back and plopped down on the floor, reaching for a beer. 'I always see her when I get up to pee. She's out there at some ungodly hour.'
'Eight o'clock,' I said.
'Exactly.' Isabel said."

♥Pg. 136
" 'Men,' Isabel said, after pausing to suck down some beer, 'are wired, by nature, to take everything they can from you. It is their basic instinct to screw you over.'
'Yes,' she said solidly. Then she leaned closer. 'If you think that girl from the restuarant yesterday can hurt you, you just wait. All the bitchy girls in the world are just a training ground for what men can do to you.' "

♥Pg. 161
" 'You're pathetic,' she said to me, and started to turn away.
'And you're such a bitch,' I said back. And I laughed, surprised at how my voice sounded, strong and steady. 'I fell sorry for you, Caroline.'
'I hate you,' she snapped.
'You should get over that,' I told her. And I imagined Isabel, eyes closed, saying these same words. 'It's unhealthy. Just let it go.' "

♥Pg. 174
" 'Last night. I totally forgot.'
'Forgot what?' Morgan said.
'He was going to make me hot chocolate.'
'Was he really?' Morgan said, sitting up. 'Man, that is good stuff! I'm not lying to you. He makes it with milk, not water, and then he--'
'Morgan.' Isabel put down her magazine.
'Shut up.'

♥Pg. 213
" 'A card!' Mira said, gesturing grandly to the boxes behind her. 'There are thousands of ways right her to console her on a loss. Just pick one.'
'He's not dead, Mira,' I said.
'He should be,' Isabel said darkly."

And with that last quote, is where I leave you. The next book I plan on reading is Sometimes it Happens by Lauren Barnholdt. Have a good one, whatever that one is :D

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