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Spoiler: Sapphique by Catherine Fisher

This book wasn't as good as I had hoped, but it was a solid 8 I'd say, or I did say in the book review above. I love the way that the setting because such a big deal, but the way that Incarceron itself became a main character was disjointed and confusing. The fact that it spoke to the to the prisoners made me wonder if it was in a male or female voice, and it doesn't really give you an answer to that, your just left to assume. I did like the way we got to see what Outside looks like without Protocol over it. I also liked how some of the characters reacted (Keiro).

Attia: I didn't really notice her much in the first book, but in this one you don't have a choice but to notice her. She's far more brave and she isn't afraid to stand up to anyone in her way of getting Outside. It was shocking at the end when she almost chose to stay with Rix. I think that would have been stupid after all the work she put into finding an escape.

Keiro: I still find him to be arrogant  but in this book he's more funny than anything. I think after reading that he's a half-man it lets the reader understand him and give him more sympathy. I hope he doesn't screw up in the outside world as he did in the prison though.

Claudia: She is less prominent in this story, and the only time we really see is when she's deciding who she's going to back when the Pretender appears. She definitely chose right. I can't believe that she asks her father at the end if she chose right. Blah.

Finn/Giles: I really do believe that he turned out to be the real prince, and if he hadn't fought when he was unsure he would be dead, and the prison would never have been opened. Just to prove you should never stop believing in yourself.

Jared: The fact that he turned into Sapphique was confusing, but he made the right choice when he decided to free the prisoners. I hope he keeps the peace between Incarceron and the outside.

Rix: This is my far my favourite character. He is probably crazy and more than a little full of himself, but all and all ridiculous.

Queen Sia: I was so happy when she died. Is that wrong? Probably but she had let power go to her head, or in this case her face :P

Moments to Remember:
♥Pg. 69
"'You've never been tempted?'
  'Maybe. But I'm crazy, not stupid.'"

♥Pg. 173
"'Any trouble, we're out of here. One Chain-gang is enough for a lifetime.'
 She nodded, and made to move past him, but he grabbed her and shoved her behind him. 'Watch my back. That's your job.'
 Attia smiled sweetly. 'And I love you too,' she whispered."

♥Pg. 253
"They had gagged him to keep him from talking to them. Obviously, they knew he was irresistible."

♥Pg. 339
"'Just how crazy are you, Rix? A lot, or not at all? Because I'm beginning to be very unsure.'
  He arched one eyebrow. 'I am the Dark Enchanter, Attia. I am unknowable.'"

♥Pg. 358
"'You're just as much a Prisoner here as we are. No difference.'
  The Warden stopped, just for a moment. Then he opened he door and let himself out. his back was rigid.
  Keiro laughed, softly.
  Rix nodded, approving. 'You tell him, Apprentice.'"

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