Monday, March 18, 2013

Book Review: Wrecked by ER Frank

Title: Wrecked
Author: ER Frank
Pages: 247
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Year Published: 2005

“Dear anyone who cared about Cameron,
I was the driver of the ‘other’ car. The police and my mother and my father and plenty of people are saying that I didn’t kill her. But I know I did. That’s what her parents must believe. And my brother, Jack. He always sees what’s true. I want to tell him how sorry I am about the accident. I want to say a lot of things to him and to everybody- like how Cameron was smart and beautiful and kind in a way that isn’t all that common in high school. Like how much Jack loved her and how sometimes I hear him crying through the wall at night. I want to say how bad everything can get.
In one split second.
Upside down and shattered.
Just like that.

My Rating: 3/5

I really expected more from this book. I thought that it would make my heart race and lead me to experience something I hope to never experience but in reality it just wasn’t what I wanted to read about. There were so many issues with each character it took so much time to sort out what was happening with everything that I found myself dissecting the story line it’s self and realizing that this just isn’t a book for people like me. I just found that by taking my psychology course I learned much of the same thing. The best part of this book for me was probably how therapy was incorporated with the story itself. I did enjoy how each character was complex I just wonder if maybe they’re too complex in one short novel.

Thanks for reading,
Sidny ♥♪♫

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