Monday, March 18, 2013

Spoiler: Wrecked by ER Frank

As I said in the book review, this wasn’t the book that I was expecting and in honesty I didn’t like it. It seemed like all the character where trying to have their story told when really I was trying to read about Anna, not Jason, or Seth although they are interesting and play a role. I think there should be a limit to your main character amount so you don’t have to take so much time dissecting everything. I also didn’t really care for some of the events, they weren’t life changing and all in all they didn’t really make a difference to the story line.

Anna: I was happy when she finally realized that she needed help. Panic attacks are nothing to be ashamed of but they do need treatment. No one is going to look down on you after such a traumatic event for going into therapy, and if they do they’re not worth knowing. I think that she found who she really was and that’s the only reason I kept reading.

Jack: He didn’t react the way I thought he would until he’s at the party bawling his eyes out. Which he has a right too. I do wonder if he really loved Cameron or if he’s more upset because he realized he missed his chance too really love her. Wish we heard more about that!

Ellen: Wow does this chicky have a drinking problem or what? I think the accident only made it worse which doesn’t really make sense at all because she was drunk that night.

Jason: I figured he was gay as he didn’t deny it and that he just was nice to generally everyone. Seems like a decent guy.

Seth: He isn’t anyone’s dream guy since the sweetest thing he does is buy her roses and then they fool around. I find their relationship confusing and non lasting.

Anna’s Dad: Anger management should be mandatory for jerks like this. I understand that you’re trying to protect your kids, but you’ve seriously messed them up mentally.

Anna’s Mom: She needs to be more assertive and just know that hey, my husband shouting and screaming all the time isn’t ever ok or appropriate, especially in a public place.

Cameron: Why do we barely hear about her, except in passing by conversation and a few brief memories? Shouldn’t she be more of a focus?

Moments to Remember:
♥Pg. 139
“‘Let me tell you what I wish for you,’ Jerry says after Jack and I stay quiet. She pulls into the Salvation Army parking lot. ‘I wish that when you’re the ages of your mom and me, you see each other more than Thanksgiving and Christmas each year. I hope that you talk to each other a lot, about real things, the things that matter, and that you’re involved in the lies of each other’s children.’”

♥Pg. 163
“‘I’m not swimming with sharks,’ I said.
 ‘I wouldn’t let you swim with sharks,’ my dad said back. Then grabbed my leg. I yelped. ‘Gotcha!’ He laughed.”

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