Monday, March 24, 2014

Spoiler: Cloudburst by VC Andrews

As I mentioned above this book wasn’t one I really enjoyed I think that this book was written because it was in demand but it just didn’t line up with the first one in terms of characters. As well having three years disappearing in between made it a difficult read for certain. We as readers have no idea what happened in that three year time. Anything may have. I also felt that I didn’t know Sasha very well anymore and that usually just makes me shut a book and walk away. Anyways I’ll move on to…
♥Sasha: I think that Sasha grew up a lot from when we left her in the first book and I’m extremely happy that she’s finding who she is and over coming so much adversity but still. I feel like she was a little girl just a few minutes ago and now she’s getting all in with a movie stars son. My favourite part about her character is the way that she has the male population under her little finger.
♥Ryder:  I think that he was a really troubled boy who should have taken his therapy more seriously. It was really to bad that he died because him and Sasha seemed evenly matched. But they hadn’t really known each other that long. It was the kind of teenage relationship that started going so fast.
Donald: Who didn’t see him coming? The inappropriate comments he made and his behaviour was pretty obvious to me. I hope that he didn’t have a good life in the end though. Piece of dirt. And no that’s not the first word that came to my mind but I’m trying hard to keep my swearing words in my mind.
Kiera: I never thought that she would change how she acted. She is a jealous, spoiled rich girl. I’m happy that some consequences have found her in college though. It’s about time.
Jordan: I hope that she finds happiness after all she’s lost.

Moments to Remember♥
♥Pg. 100
“’You are a tough nut to crack,’ he said, turning back to me.
‘You’re not exactly soft yogurt.’”
Final Line: “After all, wasn’t that what we all dreamed we would find?”

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