Monday, October 3, 2016

Spoiler: Me and Earl and The Dying Girl by Jesse Andrews

So I "read" this book on my way to see my boyfriend. I say that with quotations because I actually listened to an audio book in the car. I found that the audio book for this story was fantastic and I really loved the different use of actors. I really enjoyed this story overall. I found that it was fun, humorous while remaining for the most part serious overall. The characters were unique and fun to read about, which kept me listening to this rather than tuning into the radio. 

Greg: I found Greg a very interesting character's perspective to read from. I thought that he was a hilarious author and had an amusing point of view of his high school. I also thought that the idea of him being a film maker was an interesting point in this story. How he uses his creativity and how he reacts to those around him. He made me laugh in the car throughout my drive.

Rachel: Rachel was an interesting character who was able to handle how crazy Greg could be come. I teared up a little when she gave up fighting at the end, but it really made me think about life and death and how one choice can change everything.

Earl: Earl made me die laughing throughout the book and I pictured a young Kevin Hart to be honest. I thought that this story was great although the stereotypes with the character might be frustrating for some people. I thought that he was a bad ass overall.

Madison: I thought that she was a sweet girl but understood what Greg thought about her. How sometime popular people don't realize the trouble they are causing.

I didn't have memorable moments overall because I had an audiobook, I encourage you to read it on your own and look forward to knowing you're opinions down below.

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