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Spoiler: Truthwitch by Susan Dennard

So yes, a review of an actual physical book instead of an audio book. I know that's crazy and hasn't happened for a while. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed Truthwitch, I thought it was amazing. Did it take me a long time to get into this? Yes, it did. Did I then fall in love with everyone? Of course, because I never learn.
This story follows so many incredible characters. I thought that it really showed amazing growth in the characters. I also thought that the magic system was really interesting. The different magic within the different countries was incredible to learn about. I also thought that the different "kingdoms" really added to the story and the world. I was more invested in the story because of the war. and the struggles in the different areas of the continent. 
So let's get into my favorite part....
Safi: So she's a little fiery, and I thought that this really added to the story. She didn't want to take sh*t from anyone and was pretty badass overall. I also thought that the female friendship in this book was incredibly powerful and I wouldn't change it for the world. They compliment each other perfectly. I did think that her witchery was interesting, though. The idea that if someone believed what they were saying she couldn't tell if it was true or false, it just really hit home for me. Are people really lying if what they're saying they believe to be true? Who knows. Also that small moment with Merik just left me wanting so much more.

Iseult: Another complete and total bad ass. Her sense of humour with her threadsister was amazing to read about. As well the way that her power was so much different than anyone else. It took me a while to realise what a Threadwitch would do, but as I figured it out I loved it. I sincerely enjoyed her point of view and am more and more curious about the Puppeteer. 

Merik: He's an amazing prince and doesn't allow people to walk on him. That being said, he is a true leader. He care for his homeland and his people more than his sister seems to and is willing to give up the only deal they have for his crew mates near the start of the book. I also thought that his feelings for Safi would grow more and more throughout the book and was slightly disappointed when the two parted so abruptly. There needs to be more of that ASAP!

Aeduan: I want to know more about his time as a monk and how his vows don't seem to hold him. I enjoyed seeing his point of view even if just to realise that he wasn't completely evil. Really he was an outcast for most of his life and had to rely on those who didn't fear him to take what he could. I also thought that his meetings with Iseult were interesting and it makes me wonder about other Voidwitches. Interested to see where this goes in the next book.

Kullen: My poor little heart is still torn over this. He was a great character and gave Merik so much more dimension. I hoped to see him married and everything, but you know it's fine. I'll just be over here bawling.

Leopold: How much does he know? Who is he really working for? And what is the final goal of it all? Is he in love with Safi? So many questions!

Evrane: I cried for her death twice, although she made it out. I think that she was a real prophet for Aeduan and more than just his mentor. A mother figure perhaps, that is if he ever had one. I do hope that we see more of her as well, although I'm not sure if we will as she returns to her place of worship.

Moments to Remember:
Final Line: "And in the future that awaited her in Marstok."

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