Monday, October 24, 2011

Spoiler: Bad Girls Don't Die by Katie Alender

This book was very great. I enjoyed reading it late at night or during a rainy day :D
Some characters I want to talk about:
-Alexis. So who would have thought this "goth" girl wasn't the tough front she put out. I mean she wasn't really that mean to anyone and when she was I think it was mostly because of the way they had treated her in the past. I think she should have spent more time with Kasey though.. then maybe she would have said no to Sarah. I think her and Carter are uber cute :D
-Megan. So I thought Megan was evil teenager who got everything she wanted but really she was way more like Alexis than I thought possible. I think that "opposites" attract. Thank god for Megan otherwise everyone might have died.
-Kasey. I actually feel bad for her... even though she is a lunatic. She had no friends until Sarah came along and I don't think she knew what was going on. It was kinda fun to hear her go crazy in my imagination.
-Carter. How cute is he? Really? I feel bad that he almost comitted suicide though. He seems like a dream guy... which is probably why he's only in my imagination and on a piece of paper!
-Shara. I was horrified when I thought that she was the evil spirit and that she tried to kill Megan. I couldn't think of a mother who could do such a thing and I'm so happy she didn't!
-Sarah. What an evil little girl! AhHH

Ok so the house was the best setting ever.. the way it was described gave me a great mental image and made the story all the more real to me.
I found a doll that looks eerily like the doll mentioned. I took a picture and if i can ever find my ipod again.. I'll post it for ya.
The necklaces were an awesome idea i just wish there was some more detail about them.

Favourite and Memorable Lines and Moments:
♥PG. 18
"I speak up in class, i get sent to the office. Meagan speaks up in class, she's a 'strong, assertive model student.' I post a few flyers saying that the vending machines on school property are a sign that our school district has sold out to the corporate-industrial establishment, I get (what else?) Saturday detention. Megan starts a campaign to serve local foods in the lunchroom (oh, and can we pleeeeeease maybe get rid of the soda machines?) and the local newspaper does a write-up about her.
She's like me, only not. Not like me at all. She's the golden girl and I'm ... tarnished."

" 'They like it when kids get minor head injuries. They think it builds character.' "

" 'I'm Carter Blume, by the way,' he said.
'Yeah I know.'
'Oh,' He sat in confused silence for a few seconds. 'Can I ask you a very serious question?'
'I'd rather you didn't, ' I said.
He stared straight into my eyes. 'if you were an animal, what animal would you be?'
Wait, what? 'Wait, what?' "

♥PG. 56
" 'Are you going to the dance?' Mom asked somewhere deep down inside she held on to the hope that one night I'd show up with my brown hair back, a pack of preppy friends in tow, and turn into Teen Princess Barbie, homecoming court, star tennis player... like she'd been in high school.
'Oh, yeah,' I said. 'My only problem is trying to decide who to go with- the captain of the football team or Zac Efron.'"

♥PG. 94
"Can you go crazy without knowing your crazy?
I mean most people do, right?"

♥PG. 102
"I said to myself, 'Carter, there's a girl that you need to knock down in the hallway sometime.' "

" 'What are your flaws?'
'In case you haven't noticed, my whole existence is one big flaw,' I said, lying back on the grass next to him and staring at the sky. 'I am a giant pimple on the face of humanity.' "

♥PG. 182
"It was warm in the sunlight, but a cool hint of break shook the leave on the trees. They shimmied and quaked and reminded me of that dance move called 'Jazz hands,' where you stretch out your hand and wiggle your fingers."

♥PG. 191

♥PG. 203
" 'Listen. My grandmother might be home. if you say even a single word about this to her, I'll be grounded until college.'
'Al right,' I said, instantly certain that I would somehow slip and ruin everything. Hi, nice to meet you! Your granddaughter and I are just going to mess with the Dark Side for a while. I love those flowers, are they violets?"

♥PG. 217
"I looked at the dress. It was kind of 1960s looking, with a neckline that went in a straight line from the top of one shoulder to the other, no sleeves. it flared a couple inches under the bust into a puffy skirt that went down to about knee-high. the fabric was kind of stiff, so it stuck out.
'Take it. You're taking it. You have to,' She said. 'Everyone will die.'
'Oh great,' I said. 'Just what I need.' "

"I threw the doll to the floor, grabbed the baseball bat, and smashed her face to smithereens.
The glow in the eyes faded.
And I was free.
The house was free.
We were all free.
Except the part where I was trapped in a burning attic."

♥PG. 342
" 'You have such a pretty smile,' Mom sighed.
I glanced up at her. She was smiling too, and her eyes were a little watery.
'Don't cry,' I ordered. 'I"ll never go to prom again if you can't keep it together.' "

" "That's the doorbell!' Mom said and scrambled away to answer it.
'Forgive her,' I said to Megan. 'It's her first prom in twenty years. She's a little nervous.' "

" 'I'm not... I mean, Alexis, I don't want to be just your friend. Not even just tonight. Every day. Every minute. I mean, maybe you don't feel the same way I do, but I have to tell you. I can't stand the thought that you might find someone else and never know how I-' "

" I ran back to Mom.
'I have a boyfriend,' I whispered to her.
She smiled. 'Watch, I'm not going to cry.' "


  1. Do u (by a chance) know the pages for thepart about the necklace?

  2. I actually can't remember where the necklace part is... my suggestion would be to try to download an ebook and then search for necklace within the actual book itself. Sorry I wasn't more of a help.